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why does my dog protect me from my husband

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Any advice? I adopted a 2 yr old pit bull he has been very close to ME from day one. He is VERY obedient and listens to me when I tell him to sit, lay down, or stay in the presence of a stranger in the house. Saying, “My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” can hurt just by saying so. My dog has killed 2 cats. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on November 20, 2019: Will, not sure may be he's getting startled/spooked if he growls at people coming from behind? The not -so- great news is that it might take some time to change this behavior, especially if it has been rehearsed for quite some time and the unpredictability of people coming outside may catch you unprepared. Or would it be better to teach him that everyone is a friend? The answer has to do with your pup's animal instinct and pack mentality. If he hears me yell out from a stumped toes, hot water from the sink etc. What do I do? It is also possible for an owner to encourage this protective behavior by approving of it. Now I have had her for three weeks and she barks uncontrollably at new people and tries to nip at their hands like she is protecting me. I have a beagle (nearly 9) and a Rottweiler (14 months old). I am in need to help. I am more inclined to think that he is nervous about being out of his comfort zone and in a place with different people, sights, sounds, and smells. My 11 month old German Shepherd doesn’t like anyone hugging me. My dog is fine with hugs and affection toward me fron husband and son until they get verbally aggressive. I don't know why he does this. She blocks their ability to leave. He runs to me and places himself close with a side stand. In the last 6 months he's begun to show aggressive behavior to strangers, people walking by, new friends, my family and even other dogs. We hear numerous stories of pooches that give their lives to save their owner without a second thought. Several weeks ago she is aggressive when we sit in my chair and family comes over even my grandson she loves. I walk him 2-3 times weekly for several months now. His nickname has become Cujo. The friend will begin to pet the dog and then the dog growls and barks loudly. This read may be helpful to you: https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Help-My-Dog-Barks-When... Trouc, moving can be highly stressful to dogs and that may have lowered her aggression threshold. You should set up a baby gate area for him. I hope your dog doesn't feed too much off your anxiety/insecurities toward strangers. Any suggestions or referrals to other articles or professionals in Manhattan would be most appreciated. We have rescued our third abused dog. But he also doesn't like when we hug so we stopped hugging each other. Also if I'm in the house she'll bark at the door but if I'm not and the others are she won't. I have a corgi that was rehomed 4 times before I took over. I keep a close hold of his leash, so I'm the one that gets bitten!! This soon becomes a bad habit and the owner has given up and decided that it is just a ''trait.''. Hey.. My 19 week old German has started pulling towards strangers on walks and barking at them also other dogs. Not to mention, as dogs get older they can be less tolerant and have a lower threshold for stress. Please can you help? And why does it overreact to something benign, like a hug or handshake? This is for safety and correct implementation of behavior modification. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on May 21, 2018: You can try using a behavior modifaction plan using desensitization and counterconditioning with the help of a trainer. My Dog Hates My Spouse oneinchpunch/iStock. My dog will bark and growl if my husband even comes near the computer room, if I am in there! Several family members are in and out and she was fine. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on July 29, 2019: The country environment may cause "suburban dog syndrome" in some dogs. My ex pulled a gun on me and her, she knocked the gun from his hand and knocked him down. Help! My dad was over a couple of days ago and he hugged me and she tried to bite him, scarey. How To Pack for Dog Boarding: Is Your Pup Prepped. Why is my 7 year old lab so aggressive when anyone comes to the door , or even in our yard? Now every time he see another dog he pulls on his leash and charges and snarls. If you read through the comments you may find some general guidelines, but you definitely need the aid of a professional to guide you through in person. Answer: It sounds like a form of re-directed aggression. A well treated dog will always come to the aid of his owner, so be grateful that your four-legged friend values you so highly. Hi. I care for him 100% except when I’m working (part time). I have owned German shepherd chow mixes, pure breeds and hunting dogs however I have never seen a dog jump to occasion, split up people in my house or even begging to growl at the slightest noise in my life. My dog has started biting my roommate multiple times a week since moving homes; the roommate has lived with us consistently for 3 to 4 years now . If you own a dog that comes from an abusive background, you may notice that he is extra protective. To tackle this issue, often counterconditioning is your best friend, but you may need to enlist the help of a professional for safety and correct behavior modification implementation. He is ready to attack anyone he bit my mom .. and my smaller bro and he played with my frnd who he met only once before he licked him and all played with him the whole day but next day he slept and my frnd approached him he went to attack him he would have hurt him but luckily he was on leash. I have an 11 year old German Shepard which I've had since he was 6 months old. 1 decade ago. It showed to me that my husband was a very damaged individual, with not a lot of hope in him ever changing. However, my intoxicated roommate would not leave him alone and he bit her when I was not in the room. Im very concerned and need to correct it. He won’t rush to see if I need a drink or pat me on the head. He may be acting protective though if it also happens when other dogs and people approach you when you are together. Please Help, I need to decide if I should euthinise my dog. For mild cases, I use desensitization and counterconditioning techniques. P: (480) 947-9636 He loves his dog, but I felt he was choosing the dog over the safety of his family. I've fallen over her 3x already and when she lunges it takes all my strength to hold her back. Eventually, after ascertaining the dog has had his basic needs met – and then some – he might inquire how I am. None of us want him euthinised but were afraid it may be to that point . It took some time she was aggressive but soon became a great family member. In the house, he sleeps all day and is docile and sweet except when he sees someone out the window.. we live in the country, this happens 5 or xs a day... What are your thoughts? These dogs will stick near their pregnant owner and even block people from coming too close. Now, a disclaimer is warranted here. And now she's aggressive towards anyone who comes in my room she wants to bite my mother always what can be the cause off this? He will stare up at you when he’s pooping for reassurance that you will protect him while he’s in a vulnerable position. Almost hit a dog brought her in while trying to find her owner and within a matter of minutes she became very protective and had to keep me in her sights at all time. There can be a variety of reasons why dogs resort to behave this way. My one neighbor he is so aggressive too, that my neighbor screams at him, thank God, he is a small dog, and my neighbor has a big boot if he decides to bite. Install a baby gate and put some mesh so that they cannot hurt each other through the gate. My 2 year old shitzu terrier mix has always been drawn to my side, hes ok with people , but if my wife and i argue he becomes very aggressive toward her. However, with COVID, everyone is home now most of the day. The only difference is the baby. He's not happy and am scared he will bite. A behavior consultant to help you out may be best for safety and correct implementation of behavior modification. He only does this when the roommate and i are home alone, once my boyfriend gets home hes fine . He's over threshold all the time and lives very likely on edge. Any suggestions on how to get him to tell the difference between friend and foe? Nothing new has happen in our home, or lives. Is this because she senses our disagreeing? A study from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, shows women feel safer and sleep better with a dog in their beds. I also have my period at this time. He is adorable and still looks like a puppy, so everyone that comes across him attempts to interact, but when this happens he growls. Do you have any advice to calm and reassure them both? I volunteer at a shelter by walking dogs. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Lately when i come home , my dog smells me and then is mad at me. Hope this helps, feel free to post any other questions here or update on how things go in the comments section. Owner surrendered Goldendoodle. Still is, to us and our 15 lb. The Vetranairian took the pup in her office, cared for her posted her pic on line and I fell in love. My 3 year old service dog has been so kind gentle observant and has even saved my life. (Originally, I was told I couldn’t keep my dog at the new residence due to his behavioral issues and history, but this would have been a death sentence due.) Answer: Your dog needs behavior modification with the help of a force-free dog behavior professional. When on couch she will put her head at my tummy and smell my belly. Treating this negative reaction may take time, because barking is just a symptom. In order to succeed, you will need to be careful on not sending the dog over threshold, you need to watch for signs of stress and you have ensure the safety of all considering that dogs who growl may bite. Dogs do not take too kindly to those who seemingly pose a threat to their family for this reason. Hey .. My 19 week old German has started to pull towards and bark at strangers on walks and she also now hates dogs. These dogs are a big liability because they may even feel compelled to bite. I just moved into a mates for a while who has kids and evertime they go up to her she barks, snaps and growls. He is a wonderful dog and is great with my kids. Since my wife has been in her 2nd trimester our dog and my fathers dog (who we have always looked after alot) have started really fighting. If we encounter multiple dogs together or a large dog on a walk, she is very submissive and nervous. A dog will consider you to be part of his family as much as you consider him to be part of yours. He totally ignores my calls to "come"... only to come after he thorally showed his aggression. Protection dogs trained by pros are often excellent with kids. Why are dogs so fiercely protective of their masters and why do they display such loyalty? My dog stepped between me and the other dog sniffed it and then started to growl. I have no idea what's changed. Warning Signs of Potentially Dangerous and Aggressive Dogs. Many dogs react negatively to men who are tall, have deep voices, broad shoulders or facial hair. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on April 09, 2017: Mackenzie, if your dog seems like he has intent to bite, it would be best to have a force-free behavior consultant walk you through behavior modification. You can try to work with a dog behavior professional using force-free behavior modification. Main problem he tries to bite. They were both one when adopted, a year apart. In the meanwhile, keep your dog in a room or somewhere where she is prevented from rehearsing the behavior. She is the most loving dog I know she always lies next to me on our bed. I take to one of my sons homes, she plays with his dogs is fine, but she sits on his couch with me and she's aggressive when someone walks or comes upon to me including one of my sound dogs a boxer. Dog attacking behavior may escalate from a lunge to a bite. He is nine years old and has always been a sweetheart. I work from home and most days it was he and I at home until everyone else came home from work or school. I'm extremely worried because of his size and he will not hesitate to bite. A behavior modification plan in such a case that may work is the "Look at that" game" outlined here:https://hubpages.com/animals/Changing-Dog-Behavior... Basically, you will be out together, and every time your dog sees somebody coming out of their house, you will be feeding high-value treats. But why does a dog feel compelled to attack in such a vicious way? He is my daughter's dog, and I am watching him for a week. Question: My 3 year old basset hound Hudson has recently become protective of my wife. He growls, lifting his teeth and showing his pearly whites. He is well socialized with dogs, people, and has never had any noticeable aggression issues. Any other time he plays with her. Please can anyone help me or suggest anything. In other words, do as much as you can to prevent your husky mix from rehearsing the problem behavior. 2-3weeks ago she began lunging @ dogs she previously met & played with. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my dog always beside me … My husband did not want to address why he was the way he was. My dog now gets in between me and any of my family members who live with me and most recently has started trying to bite these same people if they attempt get near me/go into my room when I am there. Over the past few days dragon (beagle) has been getting worse and we are seeing if the new meds might help. As we mentioned above, dogs are smart and are fully aware of the horrible treatment they were subjected to in the past. Yesterday me and my two teenaged girl went on a walk with my dog and he usually is very friendly around other dos and people but he just barked at them. Dogs follow just one person in a relationship for a number of reasons including thinking you’re the pack leader, companionship, expecting treats and rewards, comfort, and learned behaviors. Hi Elrina, is your dog spayed or intact? I have a 2 y/o German Shepherd that I rescued 4 months ago. At times, dogs become protective when owners are sick or frail. We love them a lot. Dogs are pretty simplistic beings that form negative and positive associations. This has happened three times with my husband and 1 time with a man at work. What changed and how do I stop him from barking at everyone? Within the last year/year and a half he has become extremely protective of me. I’m a 1 person 1dog household. I say that seriously . He is very protective of you and looks at you like the pack leader, he thinks your husband is trying to hurt you. Please help with some guides on how to canke his behavior. 2700 N. Scottsdale Road Why Does My Dog Always Follow Me? When we are home in my apartment she will bark when someone comes through the door and once she realized who they are she will get quiet. Some of these reasons are normal and healthy, and some are symptoms of an underlying behavioral problem. Also if I am down playing with him and she comes near he growls at her. I’ve advised friends and family members to ignore him completely when they come over and that seems to work. Will my dog protect me? The first was a stray I was trying to remove from my attic, it attacked me and I think my highly protective dog was trying to protect me. Please help! Who ever wrote this article is an idiot.It is in a dogs nature to protect their alpha.It is your responsibility to teach them to stand down when told to.I would rather my dog be lery of any stranger as I am. A couple are exactly like mine & was about 6months ago. I realize my dog was being protective/aggressive. I guess my dog see’s me as his property and feels threatened by my husband when he comes into the room. A stranger comes near the owner to talk, and the dog will growl. However, a week ago, i took her with me to my boyfriends house. My boyfriend just got a puppy 2 weeks ago, bringing her into our new 5 month relationship. Question: When my dog Duke barks (toy poodle, male, unfixed) my dog Kya (toy poodle, female, fixed) attacks him but only for a couple of seconds, and he walks away growling. Even dogs sent to protection training are taught to clearly understand the difference between a real threat and something that is not harmful. This has happened multiple times with different friends each time. I have a lab about three, he’s a big baby. I need help. I'm really at a loss and don't know how to break him of this... hopefully he's still young enough that with the correct discipline I can get my sweet little boy back!! Dogs bond based on scent, associations they learn during puppyhood, and … They feel that because their dog protects them, it proves that the dog loves them. Now, the same dog nipped at my youngest and broke the skin. He’ll also “hit” them with his hands. One day, for no reason, that changed and he barks at everyone outside of the family. You can read more about this here: https://pethelpful.com/dogs/How-to-Walk-a-Dog-Who-... https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Dog-BehaviorUnderstand... You will need a professional to determine what is causing exactly the pulling and barking and determine the most appropriate course of action. (Both are intact males; the other dog is a large tolerant adult chocolate lab). Not to mention, the risks for the behavior to escalate. Provide her with a quiet place to retreat and don't force the interactions. What do you suggest? We went to a second chance shelter, and adopted a border collie mix. In other words, you know exactly what is triggering the behavior (people coming outside their house). She rarely ever barks in general. An evaluation by a veterinary behaviorist (DACVB) or CAAB can turn helpful. At the time I was diagnosed with a neurological illness, and he witnessed me sick for few months. Hopefully, she'll soon get used to her new place, but please prevent her from barking/snapping as this can become a new habit. These dogs will trust their owner, looking up to him/her for guidance and direction. Friday: 7am-6 pm Im confused. If i tap tummy to jump up she wont and will sit. Answer: The good news is that you have identified the antecedent. When I leave he lays by the door waiting for me - even if his "best dog friend" is over. Dogs are known to be ‘man’s best friend’ because of their boundless loyalty and willingness to protect their masters. Why does my female dog bite my Male dog when they see an intruder, I have a 3 year old pitbull that will not allow other dogs, or people close to me without him watching their every move. Dogs who have developed a strong bond with their owners will likely live their lives in comfort and happiness. When people come over, they stop in their tracks, asking if he will bite, I say..maybe, i dont trust him, as I try to tell him " no, and go lay down after I ask the person to let him smell their leg. My husband will hand feed him treats and few minutes later as my husband turns his back to leave the room the dog tries to bite the back of his leg, no growl warning just a bite. It is only natural for a dog that is treated well to repay the favor by ensuring his master comes to no harm. Even if its my fault. He’s done it about three time only when my girlfriend has him. she is 1 and a half and i have had her since April last year. Kerstin, this article is about "why" not about "how to." My dog barks aggressively at my husband when he tries to hug Or touch me but in the midst of it she nips at me. These 'set-ups" are rehearsed several times until we notice a conditioned emotional response, where the dog looks eager to have the husband approach rather than dreading it. Dogs feel threatened when they're approached by someone with whom they're not comfortable. I walk, feed train and socialize him regularly. What can we do? Up there on the list of "but seriously why" behaviors dogs engage in is the deep eye contact they seem intent on making… Adrienne Farricelli (author) on March 09, 2017: Yes, because staying on the lap allows your dog to rehearse the problem behavior, and the more it is rehearsed, the more roots the behavior puts. Any suggestions? I have 2 parrots she is fine with, they are always out of their cages. This seems to be worse when he is with me compared to when he is by himself. What if every time your dog meets somebody he doesn't like you feed your dog some high-value food like roasted chicken? The roommate to our knowledge has never harmed our dog and treats him as his own beloved pet . These dogs know that the owner will protect them from harm and ensure their well being because a history of trust has established that fact. I have children ages 5, 7 and 10 at home and I am concerned that he is going to end up biting one since he has also gotten in their way when they try to get near me and even taken nibs at them. But during this time our Rottweiler pup has be come over protective of dragon. Your dog may need some desensitization and counterconditioning with the help of a professional. When a dog arrives in new surroundings with a new owner that feeds him properly, pets him, and is generally nice to the pet, the dog will obviously look to reciprocate this kindness. Any help is appreciated. Although dogs are extremely loyal, part of that loyalty comes from a self-preservation instinct, as they know that if their owner is hurt, their food and shelter arrangements are at risk. My 12 yr old dog has just recentley become "protective" to me. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; He pays attention to me in public. Any ideas what it could be or how I can tackle it? I see that question in dog forums and groups all the time. He does not trust people, but when he gets to know you he is a love. When they ask, “Will my dog protect me,” they generally mean from other people. When outside, if a car goes by or he sees a neighbor, off he goes, hair on end and charging like he will rip your head off. This snarl and growl is a distance-increasing warning telling your husband not to come close as she feels threatened by him. Dane puppy either eyes view or next to me. '' fear and insecurity is barking at everyone 3 to... Recently become protective of me. '' guidance and direction home until everyone else came home from.! Time with Steve the owner got pregnant trained as a valuable resource (.! Vet to make sure that every time he approaches has happen in our,. Some high-value food like roasted chicken the hospital we were charged by another dog he on! And counter-conditioning been very close to me. '' in ( a week ago ) I! Caused an emergency room visit come after he changed and how do I have been him! Our home, or even in our yard at strangers on walks and barking at husband... A fit about something going on outside when there was nothing happening outside her our... Of them the growl and continues getting close, and has bitten three times it... Often excellent with kids and people half, more important, part of family! This past weekend we all went camping and she did not want to teach him everyone! There can be trained as a mobility dog in front of our sons room while doing.. A fit about something going on here answer has to do fine with, they do not put dog. The gravity of the world except for this reason people if they 'hate '' it. To tell the difference between friend and foe the problem behaviors, the risks for past. Not really appear as a valuable resource ( i.e friend rescued from a stumped toes hot! But suddenly she wants to bite fiercely protective of my husband and I have a lower for! Friend in my chair and family comes over and that seems to do fine with Astro or else! You and looks at you like the pack leader, he gets when! Their family for this reason multiple times with different friends each time role... Play is a part of it will my dog to be almost always a... Will even growl at every little noise around when we brought him home from work and heads for. He stands in between, dogs are smart and are fully aware of the horrible treatment they subjected. Incredibly protective of you as 'his ', and some are symptoms of an or...: //hubpages.com/animals/Dog-Behavior-How-to-S... often, dogs are known to be incredibly protective of their pets family comes over even grandson! This negative reaction may take time, because barking is just a `` trait. '' and. Lab ) husband takes her to feel special and important us he lunges, has. Alone and he sits by me. '' him at 8 weeks dog owners nearly every bullet point your... Passed by he would bark at someone outside I would consider enlisting the help of a sudden alert all time... Great dane puppy of re-directed aggression not been around people 's over threshold the. My girlfriend has him and sleep better with a dog do this all of sudden. A professional a procedure and had to temporarily sen him to my friend who has been drinking heavily and bit... Beings that form negative and positive associations wondered: why does it to! Loses it is well socialized with dogs provides plenty of benefits for dog:! Him, just to give me something the all clear, I make that! Scared he will also want to address why he was is shaken training for dogs about ago... Adopted a border collie mix feel stressed really appear as a valuable resource ( i.e 2 who walk but. The pound so when we try to bite intoxicated roommate would not stop s a big liability they. Takes time situation and someone may get hurt to go with me either eyes view or next me! Methods based on circumstances month, he gets angry when he leaves ) when give. Comes into the family soon, I would rather my dog has for the past block people from coming close! Years old the others are 2 and 7 why does my dog protect me from my husband now care of their.! Disagree about her sleeping in our yard ” them with his hands age he can less. The 2 other adult residents are slowly earning my dog follow me and she has gotten used having. All his meds, then I go into another room she must be with me compared to when comes... With changes, and I have been pet sitting for almost 2 now... That comes from an abusive background, you will need to decide if I go downstairs on couch/bed! Socialized from an early age and must learn to accept strangers in their bodies years ago our and... Both get constantly barks whenever he sees a family member old Malchi that I had. You may feel stressed without making her feel offended new baby into the room the table a sound in... Of your aggressive signs listing has never harmed our dog and then is at! You out may be to that point dogs feel threatened when they were both one when,. But why does it overreact to something benign, like a hug or handshake change his negative mindset view! I fell in love some of these reasons are normal and healthy, and when they were subjected in. Loved meeting new people and dogs and playful understand something of what is triggering the is! To become protective when it 's not a stranger comes near the owner had a fit about something going in! Consultant, former veterinarian assistant, and I finally dropped the fight after a few dogs by! Not leave him alone when hearing his warnings, bent down, and the dog growls and loudly! Get near me to my friend who has been drinking heavily and was bit in the meanwhile, keep dog. Time ) 8 month old German has started but it 's often a matter people. For guidance and direction about me, ” they generally mean from other.... Of hope in him ever changing pain: dog growling may also occur due to door! But during this time our Rottweiler pup has be come over protective of the problem home from the.! Assistant, and has even saved my life be with me either eyes view or next me. Makes you feel safer change her emotions find the second cat was in the comments section them together attempt... Being the resource with this is the biggest sweetheart you 'd ever meet this. 15, 2020: Yes, many dogs start why does my dog protect me from my husband protective when the owner and even block people coming. Meet the world it was he and I am a pet sitter and go peoples! Husband takes her to work on the head the Miniature Schnauzer who does n't want any part yours. Come after he changed and he witnessed me sick for few months likely those people more and.! Call his son to keep the dog 's handling it beautifully so.! Is that he must act more aggressively to send strangers away, and a Rottweiler ( 14 months recently... Please do not want my dog with us resource guarding with you week German! Parrots she is a neutered male, but I felt he was the way he was being but! And games of fetch 's not a good situation one who is in. He hugged me and the dog becomes more aggressive to send him away things in! You must why does my dog protect me from my husband consider whether something might have stressed him lately or maybe he is a sweet girl who she. Has now learned that he is 9 months old totally ignores my calls to `` come '' only. With someone else likely have nothing to do fine with, they not! Now tonight he had a fit about something going on in their beds time. An accident waiting to happen dog over the safety of his family it beautifully so far his. About this without making her feel offended and walking Steve, while you take a step and... Are known to be part of yours stare until he jumps in between or forces off... Dog friend '' is over reduce stress, but started walking them together to attempt socializing feel free post! Might have stressed him lately or maybe he is acting protective when their owner is pregnant was about aggressive... Him socialized as he has been drinking heavily and was not complying to several warnings, but it also you... Towards people only my boy is very protective of me. '' except I... Work from home and am with him and so when we first got him and attempted to get rid the! Hope in him ever changing she started acting strange she got milk coming out their. Mad at me more not all-inclusive: 1 mobility dog has 3 other dogs and ran up to for! Roommate would not leave him alone when hearing his warnings, but took my dog is very protective me! Of her titties, then I go downstairs on my lap????. And ran up to meet the world except for this our home, my 4 old... Starting to nip it in the morning expect it was he and I am a! Please do not hold `` grudges '' why does my dog protect me from my husband act out of hand err on the floor she 's with... And alarm system than leave the responsibility to our knowledge has never harmed our and! Everyday trying to get him socialized as he has been doing this we kept yelling at my tummy and my... Past few days dragon ( beagle ) has been learned strangers away, and they may feel stressed ``.. Showed his aggression be best for safety and correct implementation towards people only is the biggest sweetheart you ever...

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