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who use hardwoods, to find exactly what they are looking … Hardwood Lumber Domestic Hardwood. Retail Hardwood Lumber It is extremely difficult for the growing number of smaller woodworkers, builders, contractors, home hobbyists, etc. I highly recommend exotic wood zone. If you don't see a thickness you want, give us a call (1.877.232.3915), we can mill … Quartersawn Sapele’s ribbon texture does not produce as consistent a coloration as flat sawn, but quartersawn Sapele does boast increased stability. A wide variety of domestic hardwoods in various thicknesses and price ranges. Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. Sapele also tends to cost less than Utile. Store Open To All Public A word of caution to contractors and carpenters, however: Be sure to take care while machining this wood. Both sanded boards and rough boards can be milled in our Custom Millwork Shop to your specification, allowing for a full range of creativity in your custom carpentry and enabling you to use the hardwood lumber … As your supplier for hardwood lumber, and hardwood plywood, Carib Teak carries an assortment of both domestic and exotic hardwoods, from Cherry and Maple to Burmese Teak and Mahogany. Lumber Supply For All Of The Buffalo, NY Area. Crosscut Hardwoods in Seattle: 206-623-0334 Seattle Home Main Website Products … The color of Cypress Wood Lumber tends to be a light, yellowish brown and the sapwood is nearly white. Sapele is actually somewhat soft for a hardwood (although it is still harder than Mahogany), and it is therefore very gentle on tools. It has a medium to fairly dark reddish brown appearance which features a well-marked stripe. Sapele takes a moulded edge very well, and the flat sawn cut is best used for moulding applications due to its consistent appearance. Sapele is available in ribbon and plain sawn lumber in 4/4 through 16/4 thicknesses. Quality Wood ProductsHardwoods, Decking, Plywood, Millwork, Copyright © 2020 J Gibson McIlvain Company |. The wood … 808 Fee Fee Road,Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043, USA, East Indian Rosewood Guitar Fingerboard Blank, Figured Pale Moon Ebony Dreadnought Guitar Back & Side Set #27, Padauk Thin Stock Lumber Boards Wood Crafts, Black Palm Thin Stock Lumber Boards Wood Crafts, Red Mallee Burl Cap #405, 12 x 8 x 2 1/2 inches, 4.90 lbs Free Shipping, Red Mallee Burl Cap #404, 14 x 8 1/2 x 3 inches, 6.70 lbs Free Shipping, Red Mallee Burl Cap #403, 13 x 9 x 3 inches, 7.60 lbs Free Shipping, Free Shipping on all orders across USA | Free 60-day Returns, Australian Red Mallee Burl Pepper Mill Blanks, Australian Brown Mallee Burl Pepper Mill Blanks. Despite the wood’s many positive attributes, the cost for Sapele lumber is usually around half of that of Genuine Mahogany. A word of caution to contractors and carpenters, however: Be sure to take care while machining this wood. We have many sources for hard to find items and our shop is agency certified to build wood … Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 314-495-5453. Begin your renovation project with our premium selection of Sapele extra wide, worktop and planed all round timber. We import our Sapele from West Africa and pay particular attention to only buy from specific regions to obtain the best colors and consistencies. Click to read more about American Basswood, Click to read more about Honduran Mahogany, I bought this East Indian Rosewood back and sides for this custom build by Gilliam Guitars in Hendersonville,TN.Jocky really knows about tonewoods because this guitar sounds better than I hoped. Our Sapele is available in both quartersawn (straight) as well as flat sawn (cathedral) varieties. Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. PRODUCTS. Hailing from Africa, Sapele contains an interlocking grain that produces light and dark ribbon stripes throughout the boards. 808 Fee Fee Road, Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043, USA Email: For the convenience of our customers, we stock a wide selection of quality lumber, hardwoods, plywood and more. McKinney Hardwood Lumber will ship orders within the continental United States only. We also carry Sapele plywood to match our Sapele lumber. Wood Slabs is your direct from the mill supplier of exotic hardwood slabs and thick lumber. Sapele (sometimes spelled Sapelle or Sapelli) is quite popular for … Sapele is a dusty lumber, and this fine dust can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. These drying schedules can even vary depending on where in West Africa we buy our Sapele. As a solid wood, it is relatively stable once dry, and it is frequently used in the construction of doors. Live edge slabs - in raw slab form or professionally finished live edge furniture form. Slightly heavier and finer grain than Honduras Mahogany, this species is also called Sapele Mahogany. Wood Vendors supplies width and length sorted Sapele as well as s2s & s4s dimension in Flat Sawn, Ribbon Sapele … Sapele is a type of African Mahogany used for boats, fine furniture, and cabinetry. Sapele lumber is used in the construction of fine furniture and cabinetwork, decorative veneers, plywood, joinery, flooring and paneling. Purpleheart, Pau Roxo "peltogyne pubescens" Bright purple color after machining, fades some with UV exposure From: Brazil Use: Flooring, cabinets, truck flooring, decorative wood Availability: 4/4" and … SERVICES. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Sapele Lumber (Exotic Wood)Sapele (Exotic Wood) nearly always shows a pronounced interlocked grain which yields a beautifully regular stripe figure when quarter sawn or sliced.It is also seen … J. Gibson McIlvain Company: Sapele Lumber Supplier We carry Sapele in thickness 4/4 through 12/4, in varying widths & lengths from narrow & short to wide & long. We Are Your Local Lumber Store! Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Originating from Africa, this species has beautiful, lustrous iridescence with colors that range from … We have a great supply of Sapele lumber… Cypress Hardwood Lumber … A bit about our hardwood lumber, rescued slabs and our custom table tops: Our hardwood lumber, custom table tops and slabs in Cherry, African Mahogany, Sapele, Walnut, Ash, … Our fourth generation, family-owned business began in 1911 as a rough lumber mill with just four employees. Located in Seattle WA. The owner is all about customer service.I wanted a guitar neck blank and he showed me detailed photos of over a half dozen options.The quality of the wood was better than anything I've ever seen.I've been searching for this kind of quality for 10 years.He shipped it out right away. It tends to be more color consistent than African mahogany and a bit easier to work with. Specification: Average length 2.7m Range 1.8m – 5.4m Average width 225mm Range 100mm to 350mm Sizes - S/E K/D FAS: 25mm 32mm 38mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 100mm This place is incredible. We have hardwood lumber for sale in both exotic and domestic species. Hamilton Building Supply stocks various hardwood lumber species and sizes in both pre-sanded and rough boards. 8AM-6PM EST, Monday to Sunday. Sapele is a fine exterior wood, although it is often painted in window and door applications because of its fine grain. Sapele is a visually stunning and popular hardwood for doors, windows, furniture and … We prepare all shipments with great care to ensure that your order arrives in the best possible condition. Supplier of marine plywood and boat building lumber in Seattle; offers over 100 species of domestic & exotic woods, the highest quality of marine & commercial plywoods, domestic and exotic lumber, wood … As a hardwood supplier … J. Gibson McIlvain maintains an enormous inventory of hardwood lumber with around 7 million board feet at our Maryland yard. We … We import an even amount of flat sawn and quartersawn lumber but find that careful consideration must be taken with drying and re-drying to ensure stability. Thank's again for the great service!I'll be back. Cypress Hardwood Lumber has a high rot and decay resistance making it a top choice in exterior construction applications. Hardwood Lumber. Today, we’ve grown to a 50-acre complex with more than 700,000 square feet of retail, … Sapele is commonly quartersawn to enhance these attractive ribbons, and it is often used as a veneer for plywood in this application. Sapele is characterised by its heavy strength and durability, interlocked grain and natural lustre. It doesn't matter … Sapele is a dusty lumber… The grain is … COMMENTS: Color is similar to South American Mahogany (Sweitenia Mahogoni) and also to African Mahogany (Khaya Ivorensis). Sapele is actually somewhat soft for a hardwood (although it is still harder than Mahogany), and it is therefore very gentle on tools. A supplier of premium hardwood & softwood lumber, plywood, decking and countertops. Sapele is a widely used and popular redwood, similar to mahogany, with a deep, rich finish suited to furniture projects, conservatories and much more. We have hardwoods and specialty woods. All lumber … Contact Martin Lumber & Hardware in Everett, WA today at 425-259-3134. These factors help make Sapele a very popular lumber species for use in a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. Ipe Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of Dec 02, 2020: Description 100-249 B.F. 250-499 B.F. 500-999 B.F. 1000+ B.F. 4/4 Ipe 13.00: 10.75: 9.75: 8.75 Sapele is in the same family as Mahogany and the same genus as Utile, and as a result it shares many of the same qualities with these woods. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood … Sapele Lumber Angela Raimato 2020-07-23T11:29:33-04:00 SAPELE EXOTIC WOOD Once considered a more refined member of the mahogany family, Sapele is now being used as the industry … Sapele (Entandrophragma Cylindricum) is a species of sapele hardwood found in West Africa. Harder woods create good, solid long-lasting joinery in furniture.

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