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Logan did a great job leading us through this section. Their report was never published, and due to tumultuous world events, the traverse wasn’t repeated for 15 years. There were plenty of nice skipping rocks around, but it is pretty hard to skip a rock from such an angle, right? Non-technical route, but strenuous off trail hiking with rock scrambling in places & possible short, low-angle glacier travel. They are similar in statistics and character, but very different in scenery and remoteness. For a river trail, it is not very beautiful because it does not follow the river very closely, unlike the Hoh River Trial or such. The lower part of the Middle Cascade Glacier came into view. It was striking to look back at the entirety of the Bath Lakes High Route. Hi all, I'm from NJ and was looking into a backpacking and/or climbing trip in the cascades and was reading about the Ptarmigan Traverse. We found some wonderful campsites and pitched our tents. They never published it. outstripped 2 months, 1 week ago Ptarmigan Traverse. With the personal challenges I have been facing, I really wanted splitter weather and perfect conditions this summer. And of course, you’ll be camp­ing Moun­tain Mad­ness style: Four mem­bers of the Ptarmi­gan Climb­ing Club made the first cross­ing of this route in July 1938. You mentioned the mountains were teaching you patience. No cotton! I’ve been lucky many times before, seeing starry skies on our summit day on Rainier, or alpine gold on Eldorado. It was so incredibly perfect. Colorado ice courses and guided climbs, Featured After one spicy face move, I found myself walking a narrow “sidewalk in the sky” with incredible exposure on either side! Well, we managed to bounce the rocks off a snowfield on the bank of the tarn and then hit the water at a lower angle, getting them to skip! Eventually it was time to leave. This storm was a real soaker, dumping a large amount of rain over a few hours. For those interested in connecting these two features without losing the elevation via trail, an off-trail goat traverse is an attractive option. We did not know much about the summit of Dome, except that it might be class 4. Yet another magical spot in the North Cascades. Full refund, less the non-refund­able reg­is­tra­tion fee, will be pro­vid­ed 91 days or more before the depar­ture date, No refunds will be pro­vid­ed 90 days or less before the depar­ture date, A com­plete­ly inte­grat­ed pro­gram with a sin­gle point of con­tact for emer­gency ser­vices, trav­el assis­tance, and insur­ance claims, Evac­u­a­tion and res­cue ser­vices from your point of injury or ill­ness to your hos­pi­tal of choice, Com­pre­hen­sive trav­el insur­ance for trip cancellation/​interruption, pri­ma­ry med­ical expense cov­er­age, bag­gage loss or delay, emer­gency acci­dent and emer­gency sick­ness med­ical expense, emer­gency den­tal, acci­den­tal death and dis­mem­ber­ment, and more, Option­al secu­ri­ty evac­u­a­tion cov­er­age in case of an unplanned nat­ur­al dis­as­ter or oth­er secu­ri­ty events. In the clouds, it was difficult to tell if the main snow chute would go. The iconic Ptarmigan Tunnel in Many Glacier is a popular day hike. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. We were glad we did not attempt such a long heather battle. Trip Intermediate Alpine Climb - Ptarmigan Traverse. This ridge line had some amazing benches and a nice little tarn. Hoping to make a go at the Ptarmigan next summer And was interested in folks thoughts on gear? Hopefully we would not have more later this trip. We made camp at the lower lake to get away from this jerk. It was a rare day that I kept my leg thermals on as we started hiking in the morning. We feared it would steepen and cliff out in a sketchy waterfall, so we trended left onto rock slabs. From Kool Aid Lake, there is an obvious rock cleft extending west from Arts Knoll that seems to impede progress. Ptarmigan Ski Traverse The oldest and most famous high alpine traverse in the North Cascades and you get to make turns! Apparently the real Gunsight Notch must be higher and left because this one did not have any bivy spots. Right on cue, the rain began, first as a drizzle but then a sideways downpour. You will meet as a group with your guide(s) ear­ly morn­ing on Day 1 for an ori­en­ta­tion meet­ing and equip­ment check. Dome and Sinister finally revealed themselves to the Hanging Gardens. Although only four days, this trip had the feel of a longer journey. Two lightweight to mediumweight, pull-over is best, This is what you will be wearing while hiking at higher altitudes or while kicking around camps at lower altitude. In the warm morning light, everything felt so hopeful and alive. At the lakes, we found a solo tent and a whirling drone above us. Ptarmigan Traverse Peaks that may be climbed along the way include Mix-up Peak, Magic Mountain, "Hurry-up" (S Mountain), Mount Formidable, Spider Mountain, Le Conte Mountain, Sentinel Peak, Old Guard, The Lizard, German Helmet, Spire Point, Gunsight Peak, Dome Peak and Sinister Peak. This is a multi-day alpine ridge traverse off trail which takes 5-8 days depending on the desired intensity and 'extracurricular' activities. This was truly an all star squad that may never again come together, but hopefully we have adventures in our future! Well documented trip and spectacular route you put together. toilet paper stored in double zip lock bags, for food and gear storage, large ziplocs are useful, heavy duty trash compactor bags recommended, Bring your favorite snacks and power/energy bars or if there is something else you particularly like to eat while hiking and climbing, or any sort of device that takes pictures, for use at campground showers when on itinerary, Comfortable clothing for travel before and after the expedition. Ptarmigan Traverse is an alpine climbing route in the North Cascades of Washington State. We were all getting pretty tired, but knew the day was almost over. In the swirling clouds, it felt like we were climbing into the abyss. Like so many times I have been to Cascade Pass, we hiked up the trail in a cloud. Elevation Profile. This was a world still dominated by snow and ice and the mighty Chikamin Glacier. Park at Cas­cade Pass and start hik­ing toward Cas­cade Pass. Grace. We woke up the next morning to similar weather as the evening before. I was very impressed that the original 1938 party found this weakness. We packed up quickly and got on the move, trying to make the best of the good weather. Regardless, both are incredible traverses and deserving of any mountaineer’s attention. We crossed down and quickly sank beneath the clouds, offering a partial view of the massive South Cascade Glacier. We arrived back at the car around 7 pm, tired, wet, and ready for real food! The car shuttle for the Ptarmigan takes a considerable amount of time to set up. Guides & Gear. I had just read this. The traverse doubles back here and follows a long broad ridge towards the true crest. At its low point, we crossed a beautiful section of rushing waterfalls and lush flowers. No pictures, no written account, nothing. Background Our original Ptarmigan Traverse trip was actually planned for last September, but with the weather looking iffy we opted for Glacier Peak instead, which, smoke and mosquitos aside, was a fine climb. It crosses 30 miles of rugged North Cascade terrain from Cascade Pass to the Suiattle River, across glaciers and above truly wild valleys. If your days seem to fly by too fast, you’re probably not suffering enough. Just got back from the Ptarmigan Traverse yesterday. Your email address will not be published. The Ptarmigan Traverse stretches along a steep ridge which traverses through some of the most incredible terrain in the lower 48 states. A chossy descent led us down to the White Rock Lakes. The characteristics that define the classic alpine environment present themselves around every corner and over ever col; precipitous glaciers, snowfields, towering peaks, boulder fields, flowering alpine meadows, crystal clear and cold alpine lakes, … The section from the Hanging Gardens to Totem Pass is not difficult, but it requires a lot of slippery heather sidehilling. A light drizzle accompanied our dinner cooking. Finally, when the rain lessened, we emerged from our tents to make dinner. The tunnel is also frequently used by backpackers descending and ascending into the Belly River drainage which is often paired with Redgap Pass to make a loop. Dome Peak is in the heart of the Cascades, a white sentinel. It was first done in 1938 by a group from the Ptarmigan Climbing Club and didn’t become popular with mountaineers until much later. Ptarmigan traverse as a day hike. We followed the super annoying trail a mile to the left and then back to the right just to get down to the lake. The route, from Cascade Pass to Dome Peak, is generally remote, unmarked, and challenging, traversing rugged terrain and several glaciers. As we descended towards the next saddle, we actually got moments of sun as the clouds broke up around us! The beau­ty of this area – espe­cial­ly the cen­tral por­tion and the White Rock Lakes area – is beyond words. It was such a relaxing, calm evening, napping in the meadows. We found the abandoned trail at the far side of a boggy meadow and started climbing up out of the forest. The Ptarmi­gan Tra­verse is sim­ply a must-do for any lover of moun­tain travel. We followed the obvious climber’s path up and right towards Cache Col. From a distance, Cache Col looks impressively steep. In many ways, this trip felt like a lesson from the mountains to me in acceptance and patience. This itin­er­ary is sub­ject to change due to inclement weath­er, unsafe route con­di­tions, and oth­er rea­sons beyond our control. Perfection. Today is reserved to climb Dome Peak, return to camp and enjoy the views. Your email address will not be published. We decided to call this unnamed glacier the “Parmesan Glacier”, since after all, we were on the Parmesan Traverse. Nothing turns hours into days better than suffering. Every 30 minutes or so I found my butt on the cold ground. We were able to walk around camp barefoot and dry out our wet feet. The dichotomy between the rugged, ice-clad Dome Massif and the gentle meadows around us captures the essence of the Glacier Peak Wilderness. As the sun started to come up, the rest of the crew got up to appreciate the sublime morning. Out of the clouds but still cold, we put away our glacier gear and began a long traverse over to the Yang Yang Lakes. Ptarmigan Traverse Cascades + 2 First Ascents in 3 Days + Matterhorn Ultraks Video +ays Ptarmigan Traverse - N Cascades - WA - Trip report with pictures from Felix Berg and Co : Two first ascents in three days - from Stefan Nestler at Adventure Mountain Their route cov­ered the Cas­cade Crest from Cas­cade Pass to a val­ley just north of Glac­i­er Peak, in the Glac­i­er Peak Wilder­ness area.

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