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I haven't lost opportunities, at least that I'm aware of that have impacted me in any way. We had our student loans paid off within three years of coming out of residency, which was key. Woman physician millionaire 3: Yes. And we suffered from that. How Affluent Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Money. That's a good question. And so, I hadn't even thought about the fact that I might go into groups where I was the only woman. And what's that divided up into? indeed. But because I've had that time, my money has really grown. And then we're trying to teach her by having her, for example, earn gold plastic, gold coins for good behavior. Dr. Jim Dahle: Geographical arbitrage was mentioned, as they moved to a lower cost of living part of the country. What advice do you have for those who are a decade or two behind you? So, that is primarily investments. And that means that there isn't much left for personal time. What would you say were your secrets to success in becoming wealthy? No inheritance though. We don't drive fancy cars. And then you can kind of say that the rest is history. As opposed to continuing to do what you do now. Woman physician millionaire 4: Dr. Jim Dahle: Woman physician millionaire 3: Did you pay them off very quickly or drag them out for a while? Dr. Jim Dahle: And I got almost all these loans were paid by taking jobs that qualify for loan repayment programs. And a little bit is in HSA and cash. Not at all. It's not very many at all. Woman physician millionaire 3: you are close to 150-200k 1 yr out of school? So, looking back at that, I'm wondering what else I missed out on because I’m a female. And then as a resident, I was at a great program, but not necessarily a family friendly one. Women physician millionaire 1: A question unique to this group was whether being a woman helped or hindered their financial success. What advice do you have for them? So, it's been pretty exciting times in the last year, year and a half for us. It's hard to say because I never actually knew I was a millionaire until I was already a millionaire. Dr. Jim Dahle: I couldn't even tell you what the terms of those loans were or really even what I was signing up for, which is really terrible. I'm a general adult psychiatrist and I'm 13 years out of training. They never wanted for anything and we never wanted for anything. He is an independent provider of disability insurance planning solutions to the medical community in every state and a long-time White Coat Investor sponsor. How do you balance being a mom and becoming a physician millionaire? I've taken a back seat since 2014. Dr. Jim Dahle: Did they start out in a big hole like most of their physician colleagues? Jessica: The podcast was great. If you’ve already purchased the report, refer to your email receipt for access. So, there's no contribution from them at this point. That's just pure luck. I'm thinking I could teach him a lesson. Click to learn more! Was there anything in your upbringing that affected how you viewed money at that time before kind of your awakening? A lot of people make a living on a lot less money. Oh boy. So how far were you at a training when you hit millionaire status? That's a pretty great way to pay for medical school for those who are eligible for it. Yeah. If you need to review your disability insurance coverage to make sure it meets your needs or if you just haven’t gotten around to getting this critical insurance in place, contact Bob at today by email at [email protected] or by simply calling (973) 771-9100. You're going to kill me, $120,000 in Whole Life. And then the home that my mother is in and then we have our rental is completely paid off. Whenever I encounter Dave-Ramsey-evangelizer types, I just can't help but think, what about the now? You’ve apparently decided I’m sexist or act sexist or whatever and there is nothing I can do or say that would change your mind. Dr. Jim Dahle: SoCal_PA This is a great post. Well, congratulations on your success and thank you for being willing to come on the podcast. 39 to 40 is when we crossed it. And so, that was a real driving force. I think having a good support structure is important. He specializes in working with residents and fellows early in their careers to set up sound financial and insurance strategies. That compound interest is not a foreign concept at all. Woman physician millionaire 5: So maybe there's something else I can do with my money”. I'm really fortunate because I've been in the military my whole adult life. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Jim’s podcast is really outstanding and I have learned so much by being a listener. So, being a woman in engineering has always meant that I've been in the minority and that's not necessarily good or bad or ugly just is. And I've got this huge whole life policy and I've made so many mistakes. Dr. Jim Dahle: And that's without spending all that time in a war zone and seeing my wife just a few waking hours a week for stretches while home. Jessica: I only own one property, which is my home. But there's also obstacles. Yeah, I think number one, maxing out the retirement accounts. How do you balance being a mom and becoming a millionaire? I got lucky because I’m a bit stereotypical woman but I think there's a lot of couples where the man often takes care of finances. Woman millionaire: And you said you're in the Bay area. He provided some amazing information for me to share with you. I’m guessing based on what you said that your parents didn't help pay for any of your school and you haven't received any sort of significant inheritance. I find this thread very telling about some of my personal concerns in regards to income, wealth-perception, and being financially content in life. Certain men would get most of those shifts or everybody that had a set schedule seemed to be one of the guys, with a nice, profitable schedule. There's just no way around it. And after that, we had done well with money, but we decided to really buckle down and really start saving. Because I've had that time, my money has really grown. And I would encourage everybody to really be mindful of that. But being a mom or a woman doesn't prevent you from being a millionaire. Clear editor. Woman millionaire: I had always been good about saving and I had always been good about paying myself first and doing all of that stuff. Woman physician millionaire 3: Woman millionaire: As a rule, they don't seem to be really big on spending a lot of money. Dr. Jim Dahle: Your email address will not be published. Single. I mean, now you're a multimillionaire, right? Was it negative? Jessica: Dr. Jim Dahle: Zero. I agree to an extent. And what's been your range of income throughout your career? And then starting to save early, max out your retirement and retirement accounts and make sure you live like a resident for a few years. Dr. Jim Dahle: It just didn't happen when I was in my early years. I really had a difficult time and I nearly didn't make it through my first year of residency. $120,000 in there. It got rave reviews. Dr. Jim Dahle: Women physician millionaire 1: Well, actually I take that back. We have our house paid off. Get out of debt because it's such a freeing feeling to be free of debt. And so, we decided, “Hey, why don't we do an episode that's all or mostly women?” And so, we put out a call a few months ago to have women physician millionaires contact us, and we would interview them and get their interviews on the podcast. So, between the two of you, what's been your range of income throughout your career? And then the third factor I'll say education and I mean financial education. I stand to make more than double what my wife and I are use to living on based on JUST my PA earnings alone once I finish school. The Best Books for Pre-PAs, Practicing PAs and For Your PA School Clinical and Didactic Years “The more that you read, the more things you will know. I have a husband and his income was not what I included in there, but he also kind of fluctuates. I tried that for a little bit and it was like, “Okay that's fine, but that doesn't really do it for me. Woman physician millionaire 2: Woman millionaire: Med school was all loans. Dr. Jim Dahle: November 28, 2016 in All right. Exactly. It was something that I kind of carried on my shoulders all the time. One physician was a military doctor, so everything is transparent and equal, which is one benefit to the military. Yeah, that's it. Lead by example, don't have debt, talk about working hard and saving money for things. Woman physician millionaire 5: But I'll say despite that, it's still hard. I started off with a part-time employee job that paid me $75,000 and the rest of my time was in a private practice. So I'm mindful of what I want them to learn and mindful of dollars and inheritance that I'd like to pass to them and leave a family legacy and save for their education, et cetera. Dr. Jim Dahle: Jessica: Did that affect how you manage money at all? I didn't realize we're at nearly $1.5 million. So, I think if I could go back into med school and residency to find a few resources that you like and start learning about it then, and that way when you come out and all of a sudden you have this big paycheck, you have more of a plan for that money. It's just not possible. If published salary ranges hold, I'll touch nearly the income we made together when I finish PA school (more if you only consider base pay). Pretty low, but I own about $120,000 in student loans from medical school. Dr. Jim Dahle: In the healthcare facility, the obligations of a physician assistant are necessary like taking necessary indications and taking care of unexpected emergency instances and other scenarios that call for instant attention. Dr. Jim Dahle: So, you've done great and congratulations on that. Military pensions are inflation adjusted income provided to the retiree until death. A little bit higher, but similar. Have older kids manage the paperwork, like the receipts and just kind of categorize all the different expenses into business expenses and personal so they learn how to be organized with money. So that helps. Surprisingly, several were not really sure when they crossed over one million dollars for their net worth, most fell into the 5-10 year range. Woman millionaire: I would tell everyone that would listen also be on a budget and get out of debt. And so that helps because they are modeling, they still worry about buying a pair of shoes and I just let them worry about the cost of it instead of telling them, “You can afford that pair of shoes”. Have your financial awakening before you leave med school. It’s wrong.  After taxes, tithing, then 50% you get to LIVE? “So, being a woman in engineering has always meant that I've been in the minority and that's not necessarily good or bad or ugly, it just is. Woman physician millionaire 3: Woman physician millionaire 2: That's why I said $300,000 to $500,000. So, I didn't matriculate to medical school until I was 30 years old. What seems absurd to you is normal for me, and there are people a few levels above me saving living on rice and beans, having no hobbies that cost money, and riding a bike everywhere...which I find unappealing. Jessica: I think that had a lot to do with my gender. They're great for specific questions, but to really dive into the meat of a topic, there's nothing that really beats a good blog post because you can put charts and graphs and links and all kinds of stuff in it. Keep your head up, your shoulders back. Explain a little bit more about that. The path to wealth--as I'd define it-- is deceptively simple: Systematically and ruthlessly eliminate debt, Live well below your means---modest car, modest small home, minimize frivolous expenses. Similar numbers for your husband? Large portion of what we have now is basically from maxing out our 401(k), 403(b), tax deferred employer retirement accounts, whatever we had offered to us. Woman physician millionaire 4: Dr. Jim Dahle: Dr. Jim Dahle: Ashleigh Pedone is on Facebook. Save early, save often. It will interrupt the discipline needed to become a physician millionaire. I am above the 75th percentile overall in my specialty (EM) and work 150 hours/month. It was something that kind of carried on my shoulder all the time. It's anyone's guess what will happen tomorrow, but for now this is still a pretty slick gig as far as income/hours worked is concerned. So if you need $120K in retirement and can get that with a $3M portfolio, but have a pension that will pay $40K/year, you now only need a $2M portfolio. Woman physician millionaire 2: It's really not that hard. My dad retired at that around 60 with sizeable net worth. Woman physician millionaire 2: How much you make, how much of that you save and that you invest it in some sort of reasonable way. Do all you can to at least fill your Roth IRA from the very beginning. But for the most part they paid off student loans early and quickly. But what you've demonstrated is that you don't have to know everything about it. Instead, they assist surgeons before, during and after the procedure. Woman physician millionaire 2: I think my take home when I first graduated from college as an ensign was about $2,000 a month, maybe a little bit more. Woman physician millionaire 5: Though even those recommended paying attention to where your money is going and learning about finances and investing. Woman millionaire: How long did it take you to become a millionaire? Thank you. But in the last several years, I think probably for most people around the country, emergency medicine is getting hit in terms of like contract groups and what kind of job you could have and how much they're willing to pay you. I often do not hear if pensions are included in the overall net worth. Essentially every question I ever get asked by physicians and other high-income investors about personal finance and investing has been answered in a blog post on the blog. Like if you have a cheaper option, take the cheaper option. And what was your very best year? Okay. 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