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The complement of the ship is around 900 naval personnel, with equipment and support elements for 1,200 soldiers. Très tôt, le général Franco le nomme futur roi d'Espagne. [79], The Spanish public also gave a broadly positive opinion not only of the abdication but of his reign as a whole. El Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos, dotado de la más alta tecnología, con una amplia cartera de servicios y profesionales de prestigio con un alto grado de … [70] However, unlike his previous immunity, the new legislation left him accountable to the supreme court, in a similar type of protection afforded to many high-ranking civil servants and politicians in Spain. The ship's flight deck has eight landing spots for Harrier, F-35 Lightning II or medium-sized helicopters, four spots for heavy helicopters of the CH-47 Chinook or V-22 Osprey size. Juan Carlos I Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias (ur. Juan Carlos de Borbón was born on January 5, 1938 in Rome, Lazio, Italy as Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias. [9] The ship can carry either 30 helicopters or 10/12 McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II or Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II and 10/12 helicopters,[5] using the light vehicles bay as an additional storage zone. He’s put in a cell with just one bunk bed already occupied by four other cellmates. [22] Alternatively, the ship can carry up to 12 helicopters and possibly 12 F-35 fighters operated by NATO allies. João Carlos I (nome completo em espanhol: Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias; (Roma, 5 de janeiro de 1938) foi Rei da Espanha de 1975 até sua abdicação em 2014. Juan Carlos y est alors envoyé dans des écoles militaires réputées. Following a lengthy design contest that pitted the design against the similar but smaller French Mistral-class amphibious assault ship, the Prime Minister of Australia announced on 20 June 2007, that Australia would purchase and build two ships of the same design to become the Canberra-class landing helicopter docks. According to a poll taken by El Mundo, 65% saw the King's reign as either good or very good, up from 41.3%. [22] Its displacement will be 24,660 tons (in "light aircraft carrier" mission configuration) or 27,079 tons (in "LHD" mission configuration). [27] The Turkish version of the LHD will be capable of operating up to 14 helicopters in "light aircraft carrier" configuration. [10] He was always known in his familiar circle simply as "Juan" or "Juanito". An overwhelming majority of Spaniards believed the new King, Felipe VI, would make a good monarch and more than three-quarters believed King Juan Carlos had been right to hand over the throne to his son. In his address to the Cortes, Juan Carlos spoke of three factors: historical tradition, national laws, and the will of the people, and in so doing referred to a process dating back to the Civil War of 1936–39. [9] He began his studies in San Sebastián and finished them in 1954 at the Instituto San Isidro in Madrid. In July 2000, Juan Carlos was the target of an enraged protester when former priest Juan María Fernández y Krohn, who had once attacked Pope John Paul II, breached security and attempted to approach the king. [17], Following a later declaration of María de las Mercedes, Paul Preston argues that the content of the former testimony implies that Juan Carlos had pointed the gun at Alfonso and, apparently not knowing that the gun was loaded, he had pulled the trigger.[13]. [42], When the media asked Juan Carlos in 2005 whether he would endorse the bill legalising same-sex marriage that was then being debated in the Cortes Generales, he answered "Soy el Rey de España y no el de Bélgica" ("I am the King of Spain, not of Belgium") – a reference to King Baudouin of Belgium, who had refused to sign the Belgian law legalising abortion. The event represented a key endorsement of the monarchy from Spain's political left, who had been historically republican. [22][28] The dimensions of the final design are: 232 meters (length), 32 meters (beam), 6.9 meters (draught), and 58 meters (height). The King shortly afterwards left the hall when President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua accused Spain of intervention in his country's elections and complained about some Spanish energy companies working in Nicaragua. Helena Matheopoulos, a Greek author who spoke with Juan Carlos's sister Pilar, said that Alfonso had been out of the room and when he returned and pushed the door open, the door knocked Juan Carlos in the arm, causing him to fire the pistol. [46] This was an unprecedented diplomatic incident and a rare display of public anger by the King. [75] Other regional leaders had more positive evaluations of Juan Carlos following his decision to abdicate: Alberto Núñez Feijóo of Galicia called him "the King of Democracy" who "guaranteed the continuation of constitutional monarchy"[76] and Alberto Fabra of the Valencian Community said that Spaniards are proud of their king who had been "at the forefront of protecting our interests inside and outside of our borders". The keel was laid down in May of 2005 and the warship went to sea on September 22nd, 2009. [33], On 20 May 1977, the leader of the only recently legalized Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), Felipe González, accompanied by Javier Solana, visited Juan Carlos in the Zarzuela Palace. In January 2011 Russia chose the Mistral design over the Spanish concept. The Juan Carlos can carry four mechanized landing craft (LCM) or one hovercraft (LCAC) in the stern dock. [26], On 22 November, two days after Franco's death on 20 November, the Cortes Españolas proclaimed Juan Carlos King of Spain. [20] In December 2013, the Turkish LPD/LHD program was estimated to cost € 375 million (US$500 million). Additionally, the statement announced that the former king would lose his public stipend from the State's General Budget. For the first time in the Spanish Navy, the ship uses diesel-electric propulsion, simultaneously connecting both diesels and the new technology gas turbine powerplant to a pair of azimuthal pods. [126], Juan Carlos also hunts bears; in October 2004, he angered environmental activists by killing nine bears in central Romania, one of which was pregnant. The Spanish Embassy in Portugal then issued the following official communiqué:[11]. [84][87], Swiss authorities began investigating Juan Carlos in March 2020 in relation to a $100 million donation given to Sayn-Wittgenstein in 2012. Even so, the issue of the monarchy re-emerged on 28 September 2007 as photos of the king were burnt in public in Catalonia by small groups of protesters wanting the restoration of the Republic. [29], Juan Carlos's accession met with relatively little parliamentary opposition. Later, he attended the Naval Military School and the General Academy of the Air, and finished his tertiary education at the University of Madrid. "[103], A further investigation is taking place regarding the fact that until 2018 Juan Carlos maintained a bank account in Switzerland contains almost €8 million. [131], In April 2012, the King underwent surgery for a triple fracture of the hip at the San Jose Hospital, Madrid, following a fall on a private elephant-hunting trip to Botswana. [36][37] The Constitution was passed by the democratically elected Constituent Cortes, ratified by the people in a referendum (6 December) and then signed into law by the King before a solemn meeting of the Cortes. Juan Carlos was the fourth European monarch to abdicate in just over a year, following Pope Benedict XVI (28 February 2013), Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (30 April 2013), and King Albert II of Belgium (21 July 2013). [20] In 1969, Juan Carlos was officially designated heir-apparent and was given the new title of Prince of Spain (not the traditional Prince of Asturias). [106] Juan Carlos appears to have drawn down funds from the Zagatka foundation to spend €8 million between 2009 and 2018 on private flights, with Air Partner receiving around €6.1 million. Juan Carlos married with the princess sofia in athens . 1923-2005. Jaime (Juan Carlos Maldonado) is an attractive young man imprisoned for violently murdering a friend. [80], Juan Carlos continued to have a role as institutional representative. Bernardo Arnoso, a Portuguese friend of Juan Carlos, also said that Juan Carlos had told him he had fired the pistol not knowing that it was loaded,[13] and adding that the bullet ricocheted off a wall, hitting Alfonso in the face. Aircraft composition: [20] According to declassified CIA reports, during this time Juan Carlos secretly acquiesced and arranged with Moroccan king Hassan II the terms of the so-called Green March,[26] the partial invasion of the Spanish Sahara by Moroccan civilians, followed by the Madrid Accords handing over the control of the territory to Morocco and Mauritania. Juan Carlos continued to praise Franco and his government for the economic growth and positive changes in Spain. [30] Juan Carlos quickly instituted reforms, to the great displeasure of Falangist and conservative (monarchist) elements, especially in the military, who had expected him to maintain the authoritarian state. Neither he nor anyone else knew where they came from, but he immediately realised they contained the finest brandy he had ever tasted. Pure combat: 25 AV-8B/F-35B + 6 flight deck parking spots, Mix: 11 AV-8B + 12 NH90 + 6 flight deck parking spots, Juan Carlos I is a multi-purpose amphibious assault ship-aircraft carrier[7] in the Spanish Navy (Armada Española). [133] In April 2018, Juan Carlos was admitted to hospital for a surgery on his right knee. In July 1976, Juan Carlos dismissed prime minister Carlos Arias Navarro, who had been attempting to continue Francoist policies in the face of the King's attempts at democratisation. [111][112] By the time the letter had been made public, he had already left the country. [12] Both Juan Carlos, age 18, and Alfonso, age 14, had been apparently playing with a .22 caliber Long Automatic Star revolver owned by Alfonso. [104], Founded in Liechtenstein in 2003 and owned by Álvaro de Orleans-Borbón, a distant cousin of Juan Carlos who lives in Monaco received a large sum of money from Switzerland, Juan Carlos is named as the third beneficiary. [3][12] The original budget was €360 million but the ship cost €462 million (US$600 million) in the end.[1]. [58][59] He later apologised for the hunting trip. [56] A petition called for the king to resign from his position as honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature. On paper, Juan Carlos retained fairly extensive reserve powers. [66][67] Felipe was enthroned on 19 June 2014, and Juan Carlos's granddaughter Leonor became the new Princess of Asturias. [22] Six more helicopters can be hosted on the flight deck of the ship. [64] A draft law was passed with 299 in favour, 19 against and 23 abstaining. En julio de 1969 designó a Juan Carlos como sucesor a título de rey, nombramiento ratificado por las Cortes Españolas el 22 de julio de 1969, ante las que Juan Carlos prestó juramento el mismo día de guardar y hacer guardar las Leyes Fundamentales del Reino y los principios del Movimiento Nacional, es decir, el ideario franquista. "Nunca se había visto al Rey tan enfadado en público", "Spain's Princess Cristina acquitted in tax fraud trial", "El Rey cuenta su salario: 292.752 euros", "Spain's King Juan Carlos under fire over elephant hunting trip", "King Juan Carlos of Spain operated on after 'elephant hunting' accident", "Spanish King's Hip Surgery Follows Controversial Hunting Trip", Winds of change: The rights, wrongs, abdication and legacy of King Juan Carlos, "Row over hunting trip for Spanish King Juan Carlos", "Spanish King Juan Carlos Elephant-Hunting Trip Causes Outrage, Injures Hip in Botswana And Requires Surgery", "Spain king ousted as honorary president of World Wildlife Fund branch after elephant hunt", "Spain's King Juan Carlos meets with Bill Clinton", "Spanish king apologises for hunting trip", "King Juan Carlos of Spain to Abdicate Throne for Son", "King Juan Carlos: 'No queremos que mi hijo se marchite esperando como el príncipe Carlos, "Spanish MPs back abdication of Juan Carlos", "Spanish cabinet to discuss King Juan Carlos's abdication", "Spanish politicians set out abdication timetable", "El Rey perderá su inviolabilidad tras la abdicación pero puede pasar a ser aforado [The King will lose his immunity after abdicating but could keep it]", "Spain will have two kings and two queens", "Spain's supreme court to rule on former king's paternity cases", "King Carlos abdication: Thousands join anti-monarchy protest", "Spaniards in London echo calls for referendum on monarchy", "Urkullu recuerda al futuro Rey que "la cuestión vasca no está resuelta" [Urkullu reminds the future king that "the Basque Question is not yet resolved"]", "Feijóo agradece el trabajo del Rey y ve a Felipe preparado para el relevo [Feijóo thanks the work of the king and sees Felipe as prepared for the future]", "Alberto Fabra transmite a S.M. In Spain, since his abdication, Juan Carlos has usually been referred to as the Rey Emérito ("Emeritus King"). "[85] She further claimed the head of the Spanish intelligence service warned her that her life, and those of her children, would be at risk if she spoke of their association. Juan Carlos I (L61) serves the modern Spanish Navy as an amphibious assault ship / helicopter carrier. In 1960–61, he studied law, international political economy and public finance at the University of Madrid. [20] As a condition of being named heir-apparent, he was required to swear loyalty to Franco's Movimiento Nacional, which he did with little outward hesitation. [44], According to a poll in the newspaper El Mundo in November 2005, 77.5% of Spaniards thought Juan Carlos was "good or very good", 15.4% "not so good", and only 7.1% "bad or very bad". Juan Carlos's accession met with relatively little parliamentary opposition. In June 2014, Juan Carlos, citing personal reasons, abdicated in favour of his son, who acceded to the throne as Felipe VI. Franco hoped the young prince could be groomed to take over the nation while still maintaining the ultraconservative and authoritarian nature of his regime. Translation: Juan Carlos I King of Spain 1988 . Juan Carlos was married in Athens on 14 May 1962, to Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark, daughter of King Paul of Greece, firstly in a Roman Catholic ceremony at the Church of St. Denis, followed by a Greek Orthodox ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. Lettering: JUAN CARLOS I REY DE ESPAÑA 1988 . [22], The final contract for the construction of the ship was signed with the Navantia-Sedef consortium on 7 May 2015. Juan Carlos I (Juan Carlos I de Borbón; Roma, 1938) Rey de España (1975-2014). Carlos Juan kennt sich aus in der Welt der Gitarren. 3. Juan Carlos had played a role as middleman in order to channel $10 million from the Shah of Persia to Adolfo Suárez's election campaign, reportedly asking the Shah the money to "save Spain from Marxism". Juan Carlos 1 was born in a real family (grandson of alfonso 13 ) 1947. he spent his first years in italy and arrived in spain to continue his studies 1955. after completing his secondary education , he began his military training 1962.

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