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how useful is a geography degree

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This is a varied role, typically focusing on identifying whether an area of land, air or water is polluted, and what the impact would be, by means of desk-based research and field work. An undergraduate degree in geography could help you to get into Master's degrees and jobs in areas such as cartography, GIS, environmental pollution/consultancy, soil science, glaciology, flood risk or hydrology, depending on your interests. After three years of experience, the packages start from Rs. Graduates go on to work across a wide range of jobs and industries. Students infer plenty and develop different ideologies which are applied in their analytical and research work. Cartographers work within a variety of areas, including publishing, government, surveying and conservation. Today the field commonly also draws on an array of advanced technologies, such as geographical information systems (GIS) and digital-mapping techniques. Your role as a cartographer may also include the restoration of old maps and historical documents. Search for courses to find out exactly what they ask for in their entry requirements. There are many universities and colleges that offer various undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil, PhD, diploma, PG diploma and certificate courses in specialisations. To become a landscape architect, you will need to complete an accredited postgraduate degree in architecture. You may also like to pass on your geography skills and knowledge to the next generation as a geography teacher in a secondary school, college or further education institution. A geography degree enables you to embark on a career in a range of fields, including those in the education, commerce, industry, transport, tourism and public sectors. The former is a natural science, focusing on the Earth’s physical materials and processes, while the latter is a social science, focusing on issues relating to human communities and cultures. Climatologists study the Earth’s climate by collecting data from … Search Colleges, Courses, Exams, QnA, & Articles, All Humanities & Social Sciences articles, How useful is a Geography degree? Like other teaching roles, this will usually require completion of a specialized teaching qualification and/or specialized study at master’s or PhD level. The Royal Geographical Society reports that geography has one of the highest rates of graduate employment , high student satisfaction rates, and low dropout rates. Your studies in geography will also develop some more general skills which will be useful in the future. This means that earning a degree with a geography major gives you a fantastic opportunity to get a career in a diverse range of possible fields. Environmental consultancy offers the opportunity for a structured career path with the potential to specialize in an area of interest. All rights reserved. Similarly, a sustainable development officer would promote their particular employer’s sustainability practices in the local area. You could also consider studying for a degree in … Geography degrees often include field trips, with institutions offering fieldwork in a range of different countries to immerse students in local environments so they can apply knowledge learned in class. If he truly is passionate about Geography, just try to get him into a school with a very good Geography program. One can either opt to take up higher studies, or one can opt to take up a job and begin their career straight away. While one-year educational certificates in GIS are available, these are generally designed to supplement, rather than replace, study in other specialties such as geography, geology, … Know the Career Options, Salary & Scope, MIT College of Management, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Top Private Engineering Colleges in India, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi/NCR, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law, Top Hotel Management Colleges in Hyderabad, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Mumbai, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata, Trends in Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing ), > All Accounting & Commerce Specializations, > All Teaching & Education Specializations. 7.3K … The offers may not sound as lucrative as they do, however, as one gains experience, takes on more projects and climbs the ladder through promotions, one can earn a pretty penny and do well for themselves. master’s degree in sustainable development, Explore the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020: Geography, 10 of the Oldest Universities in the World, International Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries. The study of geography lets us understand the distribution of people around the world and the differences in their ways of living. Copyright © 2020 Info edge India Ltd. All rights reserved. People can get into various career options such as Cartography, which deals with the making of maps, charts, globes, models and much more. This article was first published in November 2015 and most recently updated in April 2020, Please login or register to post comment above our articles. Careers in cartography involve developing and producing different types of maps, as well as producing related diagrams, charts, spreadsheets and travel guides. The difference between the two programmes is that in a BA Geography, the curriculum is focused more on Human Geography, while a BSc Geography programme is focused on Physical Geography. If you studied geography, other students at university may have joked about your degree consisting of ‘coloring in’ – but your degree will have actually provided you with strong research and analytical skills, which are highly regarded by many employers.

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