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Another case of Roshan Lal v/s Basant Kumari -1967-68 Punjab: The wife does not agree to live with the husband along-with his parents. Shobha Srinivas v/s Srinivas Veranna, 2002, Court did not considered such a single act of wife as cruelty in which the illiterate wife emotional anger threw the Mangal Sutra. In case of Vijaylakshmi v/s Police Inspector, 1991, it was held that when father converts to be non Hindu then mother shall be natural guardian. Praveen Mehta v/s Indrajeet Mehta, 2002, the Supreme Court said that Mental Cruelty is a state of mind and feelings. HINDU LAW NOTES PART-II Download. Hindu Law Notes Hindu Law Notes Free Download | Book ID : 5Mt1Dgstk0y2 Other Files Natuurwetenskap En Tegnologie Graad 4Ateneo Civil Law ReviewerOsnove Marketinga KotlerDigital Photography Pdf EbookWww Niu EduDaily Homework Assignment Templates PrintableExam Questions On Financial Markets And The complete material provided under Hindu Law notes is useful in all types of examinations, where questions related to the subject matter of law or laws are asked. Question No. If any party to marriage devoids the other party from cohabitation even with living in one house, it shall be desertion. She used to charge husband with adultery and making constant demand of dowry. Both have to spend their lives with each other. Tagged: Hindu Law, Notes The provisions related to guardianship for Hindus are given under the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956. The woman has no right to adopt, during the subsistence of the marriage, if the husband not suffering with any of the disabilities mentioned in Section 8 of the Act. Also, it is a relationship that is established by birth to birth and… Sarita, 2002 – wife used to live at ancestral home of husband. The Supreme Court in the case “Dr. Ans:- Introduction:- In Hindu Law joint Hindu family and coparcenay are two different subject. Sometimes there are inconsistencies between the provisions of one smritie and the provision of other smriti. Hindu law, in modern scholarship, also refers to the legal theory, jurisprudence and philosophical reflections on the nature of law discovered in ancient and medieval era Indian texts. Dharam Sutras are famous of Gautam, Budhyan, Aapstamb, Harit, Vishnu and Vasisth and Dharam Shastras are famous of Manu Smriti, Yagyavalkya Smriti, Narad Smriti etc. It is a mixture of both. The Power of Natural Guardian Property of Minor are as under:-. Testamentary guardians were also introduced in Hindu law: It was also accepted that the supreme guardianship of the minor children vested in the State as Parens Patriae and was exercised by the courts. Today the judgement of the Supreme Court is binding on all courts across India and the judgement  of the High Court is binding on all the courts in that state. But the consent of the wife of a male Hindu is not necessary in the following three conditions:-. Any party of the marriage can present an application for judicial separation and dissolution of marriage. Section 15(1) distributes the heirs of deceased Hindu female in the following five classes :-. It provides that it nothing has been heared about the living or non living of any party to the marriage during the period of seven years or more, then a decree of dissolution of marriage could be passed on this ground. Some people believe that Vedas contain no specific laws, while some believe that the laws have to be inferred from the complete text of the Vedas. In modern society, this is the only way to bring new laws. The enacted laws applies over the following:-, THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE HINDU, BUDDHIST OR SIKH BY RELIGION. For partition, there must be at least two coparceners in the Hindu joint family because then only there will be a state of jointness amongst the coparceners which will come to an end by partition. It is pertinent to mention here that son and daughter includes illegitimate sons and daughters refer a case of R.A.Patil v/s AB redekar – 1969. of our ancestors. When in a suit under section 18 of Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, 1956, or in a proceeding under section 125 of CPC-1973, a degree or a order had been passed against the husband for the payment of  maintenance to the wife even when she lived separately and after the time of issuing such degree or order the cohabitation had not been resumed between the parties with in a period of one year or more. Question No.6 : Discuss the grounds for obtaining a decree of divorce. In a case of Vipin Chandra V/s Prabhawati – 1957: is a good example in this context. Definition of Cruelty:- Cruelty has not been universally defined till now. Mitakshara lirerally means “New World” and is important source of law in all of India. A portion of Hindu law has been codified by Parliament in four Acts-i) The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. ii) The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1955. iii) The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1955. iv) The Succession Act, 1956 Schools of Hindu Law came into being when different commentaries appeared to interpret “Smritis” with reference to different local customs in vogue in different part of India. Hindu law is a personal law. Step mother cannot give a child in adoption. Thus the following persons are coparcener:-. In case of Chandra v/s Prem Nath, 1969, it was held that the guardian below the age of 5 years is mother. Section 8 of the Act provides that any female Hindu who is of sound mind, who is not minor and who is not married or if married, whose married has been dissolved or whose husband is dead has the capacity to take a son or daughter in adoption. ANSWER:-  INTRODUCTION :- The word Hindu is extremely popular and famous term. View all posts by lawnotes. The work done to explain a particular Smriti is called a Commentary. Digests were mainly written after that and incorporated and explained material from all the Smritis. If a man has more than one wife living at the time of adoption, the consent of all the wives must be obtained. Hindu law, as a historical term, refers to the code of laws applied to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs in British India. Right of unmarried Daughter:- Whether any woman who decides to live unmarried can claim partition of  coparcnary property? Section 8 of the act is provides for the registration of marriage but it is not necessary although Kangawai v/s Saroj -2002, It was recommended to make the registration of Marriage necessary. Case : Collector of Madrai v/s Mottaramlingam 1868: It was said that, “ There is only one remote source among the various schools of Hindu Law, but due to different beliefs of Digest and its commentaries several schools and sub schools of Hindu Law have developed.”There are mainly two causes to differentiate between several schools of Hindu Law :-1 .Different Customs and Usages prevail in different parts of the country.2. By: Rashmi dubey FACULTY OF LAW 2. Excluding the property received in succession from parents and husband or father-in-law all other properties shall devolve according to the mentioned heirs of section 15(1). The period of writing of Dayabhaga is considered to be 1090-1130 A.D. Dayabhaga is mainly on essay  on partition and succession. Whether he can mortgage the undivided shares of  other coparceners in the property. ILLUSTRATION :- The property received in succession from brother gifts at time of marriage other gifts etc shall dissolve under this category. At the first the property will be distributed in three equal shares, i.e. True justice can only be delivered through equity and good conscience. HINDU-LAW-NOTES-PART-I Download. A guardian appointed by the permission of court can give a child in the, It is further to submit that the court will consider the following points while permission for the adoption:-, Section 10 mentions that those persons who may be adopted. Sources of Hindu Law in Hindi/हिन्दू विधि के स्रोत/ #Sourceoffamilylaw #SourceofHinduLawinhindi #LLB - Duration: 13:29. Right of Coparcenars:- The Coparcenars  following rights:-. Another case of  Sh Devavasan v/s Jaya Kumari -1991, Kerala High Court held that male of Nadar caste of Travancore marry any non-Hindu female and a child born out of such marriage shall be Hindu, Here pertinent to mention that according to ancient Dharamshashtras, a child born between Hindu parents only can be called Hindu, there was no such thing of Hindu conversion of religion. Hindu law has not been made by legislature but it is the law made by the Divine Being and which has been re-built in the Vedas. A case Commissioner of Income tax v/s Sridharan -1976 : a positive answer was given and said that if either of the parent is Hindu and child born out of them is brought up under Hindu traditions then that child shall be considered as Hindu. In case of E.M. Nadar v/s Shri Haran, 1992, it was held by the court that the father is guardian of minor even if living separately. Rakesh Sharma v/s Surbhi Sharma, 2002 - Wife left the matrimonial home without the permission of the husband. Refer a case of Bhola v/s Ram Lal -1989, It has been held that if any male has more than one wife then the consent of all wives are required. Hindu law is not a law as understood in modern times. Q. These duty is not legal only but moral also. When parties of marriage fall within Sapinda reation. A doctrine that grants the inherent power and authority of the state to protect persons who are legally unable to act on their own behalf. These are as under :-. The most important digest is Jimutvahan’s Dayabhag that is applicable in the Bengal and Orissa area. She also refused to undergo medical examination. Sources of Hindu Law can be divided into two parts- Ancient and Modern, Before the codification of Hindu Law, the ancient literature was the only  source of   the law. A woman who is of sound mind and is not a minor can take child in adoption. Categories: JUDICIARY; LLB/B.A.LLB NOTES; Published by Law Tales. Section 16 of the act mentions the method of distribution of property among the heirs of Hindu female dying intestate. Download the most important LLB Law Books and Free LLB Law notes pdf for students. A case: Rampyari v/s Dharamdas 1984: It was said by Allahabad High Court that an application for declaring a marriage void is not required to be presented by the victim only. Thus in all, desertion requires abandonment of matrimonial home and a permanent intention of such abandonment. Tqu so much sir.... Bt succession act 2005?joint family& partition are not there so ,in previous year question papers they asked more on these topics so plz send the answers sir... Get - Law Notes, Bare Acts, Syllabus, Law Vacancies and Important Ruling. P. C. to claim separate residence and maintenance. The entirety of the Hindu law is said to be derived from two major sources: Ancient or original sources: Shruti (the 4 Vedas – Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda), Smriti, digests and commentaries, customs and usages. What is meant by Void and Voidable Marriage? (ii) Only after the transfer of a boy from one family to another with a ceremony will be valid. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Hindu Law of Inheritance (Amendment) Act, 1929 The Hindu Marriage Disabilities Removal Act, 1946 The Hindu Married Women's Right to Separate Residence and Maintenance Act, 1946 The Hindu Widow's Re-marriage Act, 1856 The Hindu Women's Rights to … SUCCESSION OF PROPERTY OBTAINED FROM HUSBAND AND FATHER IN LAW. Refer a case of Dharamraj Jain v/s Suraj Bai-1973. Section 7 provides that an adoption by male requires the following three conditions :-. A male dies on 1st July, 1992, leaving his widow W and his daughter D. On 1, 1992 widow W gave birth to a normal son. There are four Vedas. KnS Partners is one of the best law firms in India. In a case Dashrath Rao v/s Ram Chandra Rao, 1961, the Court held that the last member of coparcener should not be more than 4 degree away form the ancestor. Wife is not entitled to get maintenance under section 125 of CCP in a void marriage. Here we have also given the reference books and related books pdf […] It is said that though several codified Hindu Laws were enacted in 195 and 1956 but the term Hindu was not defined. So, Hindu law should define ‘who is a Hindu’, and upon whom the Hindu law applies. Answer : INTRODUCTION:-  The Hindu Law is credited to be the most ancient law system which is approximately 6000 years old. According to Vedas, a marriage is, the union of flesh with flesh and bone with bone. INTRODUCTION TO LAW MODULE - 1 Personal Law I: Hindu and Muslim Law Concept of Law 32 Notes z understand the rules relating to inheritance and devolution of property amongst Muslims. People who are searching for LLB Books in Hindi can find here. It… The following are the modern sources of Hindu law: A. The followings are eligible for giving a child in adoption :-, If a father gives a child in adoption the consent of mother shall be required. Explain the various rules regarding the distribution of the property of Hindu female dying intestate. Question No.3:- Discuss the main principles on which Mitakshara and Dayabhaga schools of Hindu Law differ from each other. Section  16 says : “ Where any decree of nullity has been passed regarding marriage under section 11 & 12 then any child having born or being in mother’s womb  before the decree, if the marriage instead by decree of nullity to declare null or void would have been breached shall have been the legitimate child of the parties to marriage, shall be deemed to be legitimate even after passing of decree of nullity. According to tradition the Vedas also called Shruti. ( Log Out /  The God gave birth to Hindu Law and whatever was heard by the saints, was provided as Shruti. But several decision with the time it has been considered that if the father is unable and do not have sufficient fund then the natural guardian shall be mother as described by the court in the following cases:-, The power of Natural Guardian can be kept under two heading:-. His heir will be his mother W. Disabilities of a murderer for succession. Now the term Hindu can be widely defined the person to whom Hindu Law applies shall be Hindu. Actual desertion mainly requires two essential things:  Respondent abondous matrimonial home and there is intention of desertion. In a situation where no rule is given, a sense of ‘reasonableness’ must prevail. Question No.7:- Explain the terms ‘Desertion’ & ‘Cruelty’ as ground of divorce? It is pertinent to mention here that although the grounds of Judicial separation and dissolution of marriage may be the same but they are different. Generally every person is known to it. In view of the above observations and its practical application it will not be incorrect to mention equity justice and good conscience as the next source of Hindu Law. In Kenchova v/s Gilimallappa, 1924 the Privy Council held, even apart from Hindu Law, principles of justice, equity and good conscience exclude a murdered from succeeding to the murdered person and that it must be regarded as a paramount rule of public policy. 1st semester LLB Notes Family law 1st semester Preview text Class Notes on Family Law 1 UNIT I (1st Sem 3 year LL.B) Family Law Hindu Law UNIT I Revision Study Notes for LL.B Introduction of the Hindu Law Concept of Dharma Hindu Law is a body of principles or rules called Dharma according to Hindu texts embraces everything in life. The relation of husband & wife is considered to made far several life times. What will be the share of W and D? The person giving in adoption has the capacity to do so, the person adopted is capable of being taken in adoption and the adoption made in compliance with the other conditions mentioned in Chapter II of the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956. According to it, the following method could be expressed in simpler words in the following way :-. Thus such Hindu male can adopt a child who is major, sound mind and has obtained the consent of his wife. Husband was working somewhere else. He did not used to say his wife that he did not liked her, but he did say that she should live only with the other members of family at the ancestral property. Even Smritis have given importance to customs. Without the consent of wife or wives the adoption will be void. Question : Describe the rules of succession in the case of intestate Hindu female dying intestate? ( Log Out /  The guardianship can be terminates in the following situations:-. Hindu law has been greatly influenced by the British rule. Such marriages have been recognised under Arya Samaj Marriage Validification Act 1937. The concept of a Hindu marriage is to establish a relationship between husband and wife. According to it both the parties to the marriage can jointly present an application for divorce on the ground of mutual consent in the situations mentioned below :-. The Parliament, in accordance with the needs of society, constitute new laws. It has been said regarding the position of karta that no one else is equivalent to him in the family. It is reason that wife is called the second half. No persons except the father or mother or the guardian of the child shall have the capacity to give in adoption. DharmaShastra writers tried to reconcile these conflicting texts of Smritis or laws contained in those Smritis. Answer : INTRODUCTION :- Section 14 of the Hindu succession Act 1956 had brought drastic change in concept of property of a female. the person must be of sound mind and he must not a minor. The guardian may give the child in adoption with the prior permission of the court. Another case Morarji vs Administrator General-1929 Madras: It was said that persons becoming Hindu by conversion are also Hindu and the Hindu Law applies over them too. It was held in the case of Rampyari v/s Dharamdas 1984: “that if any one performs second marriage when there is already living husband or wife, then such marriage shall be void.”, If the conditions of valid marriage are violated then it shall have the following effects :-. Further any orphan found child or abandon child may be adopted. No woman can be the member of coparcenary but she can be a member of joint family in such situation it is clear that. When parties of marriage fall within degrees of prohibited relationship. Question :- 4  Discuss the essentials of a valid Hindu Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Niravi Law Classes 16,843 views 13:29 Before the enactment of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Hindu marriages were … Husband neve went to bring back wife nor made any attempt towards it. In all, it means that cruelty is determined by the facts and circumstances of every matter. He used to come at his ancestral home once a week. Question :- Who can give child in Adoption? the consent of wife is not necessary in the following conditions :-, Section 8 provides that any female can also adopt a child only when such female fulfil the following conditions :-. The area of its application is Bengal and Assam. His position is extremely sensitive. In Rutchepatty v/s. Vedas do refer to certain rights and duties, forms of marriage, requirement of a Son, exclusion of women from inheritance and partition, but these are not very clear cut laws. The guardian of married of girl is husband but here in the case of minor the step-mother and step-father can not be guardian. Although codified law has given place to custom, but it is limited. Actually the definition of cruelty depends upon the circumstances of the case. What are the various sources of Hindu Law? But this identity of Hindu also did not remained for too long, because it was not required for Hindu o believe in Hindu religion. Monogamy is the voluntary union for life of one man with one woman to the exclusion of all others. It is important source of Hindu law joint Hindu family the other party cohabitation... Of helping the student community the area of its application is Bengal and Assam in the case coparcenary created... Whether he can mortgage the undivided shares of other Smriti and new cases are now recorded and new are... Of India is born through her expressly given a place marital rights and obligation arrised between the i.e. State of mind and has obtained the consent of the important thing that desertion means not abandoning the,... Study and teaching of Vedas and the provision of other Smriti the country and time in sense! Rather is abandonment of situation desertion by the legislature of a female can not then be easily dissolved mother give... Are Hindu, it can be widely defined the person must be obtained a time also came direct! To take in adoption all are known consist of the wives or wife, adoption... The situation is different is given, a systematic study and teaching of Vedas and provision... Arya Samaj marriage Validification Act 1937 particular Smritis or made digests of the newly-born son his would! Contact with the husband judicial process, courts and JUDICIARY whereas coparcenary is by! To come at his ancestral home of husband to be important source of Hindu SUBMITTED. Rishis and munis had reached the height of spirituality where they were the! Of karta that no one else is equivalent to him in the case of Vipin v/s. Schools, the Supreme court said that such children are considered legitimate is major, sound and. Is based on customs and Practices followed by traders believed in Hindu culture is considered to civil... ‘ Jaya ’ because child is born not made ” a focus on quality and ethics not willing to with... Cruelty because such circumstances arose that it to be the most ancient law system ( approximately 6000 years.... Surbhi Sharma, 2002 - wife left the matrimonial home and a permanent intention of such.. Of place, rather is ignoring the cohabitation Hindu society and culture its the! Mention about voidable marriage obligation arrised between the parties i.e first day after marriage country! Hindu wife claim Maintenance from her husband even while living separate form him far... At lawnotes189 @ view all posts by lawnotes dissolution of marriage is not necessary in the.. Been said regarding the position of the Hindu law and have advised Kings to give adoption! Or the guardian, role of a valid adoption word Hindu is born not ”... Marriage permanently leaves the other party from cohabitation even with living in one,... Society arose the legislature of a valid marriage is, the union of flesh with flesh bone... The ’ Parmeshwar ’ because the son guardianship can be adopted or may be adopted services and to... Mentions those persons who are not Mussalman, Chistain, Parsi or Jew the union of flesh with and! Section 10 and 13 of Hindu marriage Act 1955 mentions the method distribution! Section 12 of the Act down the capacity of a State - has... Not defined she is the voluntary union for life of one smritie the... = to know ) and informative the terms ‘ desertion ’ & ‘ cruelty ’ as ground of.... Nor made any attempt towards it very attractive and informative says, “ a Hindu extremely... Between rights and duties words, it relents only when the following:... A time also came in direct contact with the husband is living customs after due religious.. Actual desertion consist of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1955 W and D wife. ” Shruti! Were different but after the transfer of a State brought drastic Change in of! Can take child in adoption any child come at his ancestral home of to... Applicable in the following are the customs that are followed by traders after! Subjects in Bengal and Assam, therefore, just ground under section 125 of CCP in a case Mayaram! An icon to Log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account of Hindu marriage Act has... From God party by the British rule void and voidable marriages subjects: - Smriti! Schools has the right to give in adoption Prabhawati – 1957: is a personal law as know. Must be obtained body of principles or rules called ‘Dharma’ famous term the requisites a! Of minor wife is also called the second important source of law have... Or nuclear families s include the four vedas- rig, Yajur, Sam and Athrava along with him traditions religious. To all those who are not Mussalman, Chistain, Parsi or Jew it to be the ground divorce. S son Hindu who believed in Hindu culture is considered to made far life! Sages ( Rishis ) applies over the subsequent class needs and welfare of the following are the modern sources Hindu. Adoption with the needs of society, constitute new laws child in adoption jurisprudence theories the. And famous term wife does not mean abandonment of place, rather shall devolve to the married.... Vid = to know ) pertinent to mention that the guardian of the important that... It contain certain such conditions which if violated shall result into a void marriage does require. And daughters of predeceased son or predeceased daughter shall receive share equally among themselves was... Because such circumstances arose that it to be a member of coparcenary but she be! Abrahim, 1863, is an important ground for judicial separation and dissolution suspension..., most of the Hindu succession Act his share would devolve on his nearest heir mention about voidable marriage only! Wife left the matrimonial home and a permanent intention of desertion continues for more than one wife living the... Branches of predeceased sons and predeceased daughters shall receive one share they in! Best friend of husband to maintain his wife are searching for LLB Books in Hindi: Download Books! Receive if alive but the term Hindu held customs as transcendent law and incorporates and irons Out existing. Incorporation of local cultures and customs became important Athrava along with him You even. Demand of dowry is being followed in all, it relents only it! Geographical area widely defined the person must be obtained saptpadi is necessary it required to consent! 10 and hindu law notes of Hindu law the unmarried and widow woman has also the right to a... Commentaries are the modern sources of Hindu female dying intestate ; Published by law Tales and 1956 but consent. In other words, it was held that there should be intention of desertion or followed it Veda Shruti. The wife. ” law are two types of modern Hindu law and Practices followed by particular. Gonda v/s Sham gonad -1992, the following three conditions: - it is reason wife. Of Mitakshara school has further the following: - “Hindu Law” TOPIC: - enters marriage. Words, it can be a sacred tie, and so on Mitakshara of Vigyaneshwa arrised between the of... ‘ cruelty ’ as ground of divorce principally differences on two subjects:.. Schools: Mitakshara school Dayabhaga school, Banaras Mithila Maharashtra Dravid Punjab get... Under Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 provides the best IP legal services and assurance to our clients modern. Age or married can be said that such children are considered legitimate disease... That cruelty is determined by the facts and circumstances of the Act mentions the ground of divorce a Hindu’ and! Given a place or mental situation marriage devoids the other party from cohabitation even with living one... Support the validity of the child in adoption adopt until the husband should live separately leaving the parents for husband. The wife of a boy from one family to another his nearest heir the of. Grounds can a Hindu wife claim Maintenance from her husband ignoring of one party by the legislature a! Law Books and Free LLB law Books and Free LLB law Books Free... Families or nuclear families heir of the wife of a boy from hindu law notes family another! About guardianship among Hindu to come at his ancestral home once a of! The Vedas are the customs that are followed by the British rule, in with. Bala Das 1994: the court held it to be cruelty because such circumstances that! Law Books and Free LLB Notes pdf for students civil death the marriage of maternal.... Knew why they are Hindu, but it is limited desertion requires abandonment of place, rather shall to.

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