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However, the tragedies of the Time of Troubles and Spellplague checked this adventurism to an extent and many high elves retreated into their strongholds where magical wards held off the evils around them. The high elves are a stark contrast to their nocturnal cousins, the night elves (or kaldorei). High elves average 5 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. High elves prefer colorful clothes, usually with a green-and-gray cloak that blends well with the colors of the forest. Perception is the best skill in D&D 5e. High elves also had no need for sleep in the same way most humanoids did, instead going into a trance. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. They have vivid eyes, of blues, greens, violets, reds, aquamarines, teals, and the rare snow white, and black as void irises. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. Per Using Each Ability, Intelligence (PHB 5e), Intelligence measures mental acuity, … Type Average lifespan They always have white, not flushed, and not blemished skin, and most have a very, very slight yellow tint due to the sun. History Challenge rating [citation needed]. Overall, moon elves had a stronger impulse for exploration and discovery than sun elves or star elves, both of whom were more cautious in their dealings with the outside world. While High elves, more than many other elven kin, are tolerant and open with humans, many of the lands still considered to be High Elven nations are that way through partial elven reclusiveness. Velves? This name generator will give you 10 names that will generally fit the elves in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. But the Barbarian is so strictly locked into Strength that it's hard to function without an incr… Cantrip (High Elf Heritage). [12] Violet eyes were also not unheard of, though rarer. 5′5″‒6′1″ (1.7‒1.9 m)[citation needed] Size [citation needed], Wood elves were descended from eladrin. In fact, to many other races both wood elves and high elves were simply known as elves, or they would refer to eladrin as "high elves" or "gray elves". [16] This migration started circa −27,000 DR when the fey opened gates from the Faerie realm allowing large numbers of green elves (who later became the true elves), avariels, and lythari to migrate to Toril. Eye color(s) Eventually, the Seldarine found the high elves of Aryvandaar, particularly its ruling family the Vyshantaar, culpable and in the last Crown War the nation was exterminated. Unlike moon elves or sun elves, high elves native to the Feywild lacked pupils and had eyes that appeared to be solid orbs of color[5] while more common varieties of high elves exhibited eyes of normal color except for the gold-speckled appearance of moon elf eyes. [19] The high elves of the Prime, on the other hand, were more common in the kingdom of Myth Drannor,[12] though many were found in the more cosmopolitan regions of Faerûn such as the Sword Coast. High elves take many forms. [9], Another traumatic event followed shortly after the Crown Wars: the First Sundering. After the Spellplague and the reemergence of the Feywild to Toril, certain races of the Tel-quessir, previously referred to as "elves," began to self-identify as eladrin. Think about how your elf acquired that cantrip, and why they chose to learn it. The Major elf-ruled countries are Celene (Grey and Wood elves), The Duchy of Ulek (Wood and High elves), and Lendore (Aquatic and High Elves). High elves are synonymous with understanding basic magic, and that tends to hold true. [13], Perhaps most notable, however, was an ability possessed by high elves prior to the First Sundering and regained after the Spellplague. Average weight However, if you do want to try and optimize your abilities the following races provide some of the best synergies with the artificer class: Elf (High Elf) High elves gain +1 Int on top of their base +2 Dex bonus. Some of the Half elves reject the pressure and pulls but try to broker peace and engage in trade between the two races to make personal profit. The clothing, while otherwise non-fanciful, was often made of superior materials to those used in other clothes. Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. The high elf name generator on this page will allow you to get some great names for Calaquendi that fit the universe. High elves were also unusually strong-willed and had a natural resistance to the effects of enchantment spells. $0.00. [5e]Building a High Elf Fighter. Your relationship was hostile. [10][11], High elves were roughly of human height, standing from 5′5″‒6′1″ (1.7‒1.9 m) on average, but were lighter, weighing from 130​ to ​180 pounds (59​ to ​82 kilograms). 5e Blue, violet, or green with golden speckles Shadar-Kai. High elves as a whole had difficulty believing that the events occurring over mere "years" affected them in any major way,[5] with the exception of major tragedies such as the Time of Troubles or the Spellplague. Keyword(s) [8] As a result, the race reacquired their ability to fey step. Our way of saying thanks! You have proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow.

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