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float fishing for perch

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This came about after spotting some decent perch close-in in clear water. MONSTER 4lb 2oz perch on a roach livebait/running paternoster rig "Serious Face" time! I’m not an expert by any means and my fishing has been heavily influenced by the writings of others, in particular Archie Braddock, veteran Trent angler and true angling innovator. I’ve only met a few people who fish for yellow perch, and many of them talk about it in whispers – like they are afraid to admit it in public. Even in the coldest weather, Perch will oblige. Float fishing with braid. At this time they can be found in surprisingly fast and shallow water, so don’t ignore the pacey glides at the expense of more conventional ‘Mr Crabtree’ spots; if there are prey fish in these areas, the perch won’t be far behind. 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There are to my mind two ways of fishing a sliding float rig. Just check out Tim's gallery of big perch from his favourite rivers below... Also see the "Rigs" sections for diagrams to help you reproduce Tim's results for yourself. These floats will handle any bait from double maggot through lob worms and right up to dead baits. Often the take is instant and I have had the line pulled from my fingers before I can get it in the indicator clip on several occasions. Nature has perch and pike as one of the earliest fish to spawn for a reason, that is when the silvers spawn the small predator fry will find plenty to eat. Snagged Bro: Black Country Predator Fishing on YouTube, The Outback UK: In Conversation with Jeffas on Giant Perch & Trout, Matthew Wright: Presenter Champions Mental Health Benefits of Fishing. The login page will open in a new tab. He was about to lift an 8-ounce perch when it was snatched by a perch similar in size to the one I encountered. One of the main reasons is probably that we can fish in places where boats or shore anglers can hardly reach. ), rivers where minnows are abundant and/or those with signal crayfish. Start by float-fishing for the silvers and building up a swim which undoubtedly attracts predators, then drop in the paternoster rig. As well as this being another example of what a good guy he is, it also proves that this information can be picked up and used with GREAT success. I throw in my groundbait with no maggots and fish one side of it. The problem was these lures had to be fished s-l-o-w-l-y close to the river bed to be successful and that meant a lot were lost to snags (this is before braided lines and jig hooks hit the UK scene!). They will also take a feathered lure or nymph. by Aitch » Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:27 pm, Post My first steps towards catching big perch by design were using lures. When perch fishing I just use half a lob, and rely on the scent to attract the fish. Float fishing can be used in just about any depth of water too via a sliding float rig and as perch are quite fond of deep water I shall start here. While digging I collected a few worms for fishing in the afternoon. Most lowland rivers with a decent head of prey are worth a go for perch... Look out for venues that produce good silver fish catches (via match reports, tackle shop advice, etc. Don't forget to share this article with folks you know who might need a little help with their river perch fishing! Float fishing with prawns has … It is good for bottom feeding fish like Carp, Tench, Bream and Perch. Anglers far better than me have reported that the best summer feeding time is mid-afternoon (Archie, River Trent) or that dawn is critical (Tony Miles, Great Ouse); I guess it may be dependent on the venue, or there may be an element of self-fulfilling prophesy. A 2lb 13oz Specimen Perch which took a roach livebait. Being on my doorstep, the Trent was the obvious place to continue and my perch fishing has been centred on this river and its tributaries in the intervening years. Perch Fishing – Fishing For Perch. Before we get to that, though, I need to mention the advent of the light lure fishing boom. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a good venue for catching loads of perch using a float, And on a small dead bait. The second method was simply trotting a lobworm under a loafer float and covering lots of ground. In fact, this fish barely tips the scale at 4 pounds – sometimes even less. by Duckett » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:41 pm, Post This works for me. A slow day perch fishing. Feeding the bait over your hookbait will bring in the small baitfish and hopefully the perch will follow. When perch fishing I just use half a lob, and rely on the scent to attract the fish. These floats offer incredible sensitivity together with great visibility while long trotting or live baiting. Richard Walker famously described perch as ‘the biggest fish of all’ which seems a bit odd for a fish which has a maximum weight of around 6lbs (2.7kg), but as with a lot of things in life it comes down to expectations. Given their rarity, it’s impossible to become accustomed to catching big perch, so that excitement never wanes. Why attract small fish when you want the big perch to eat your worm. If rudd or roach show up, I throw maggots the opposite side of the groundbait to draw them away. Perch Fishing Tackle. The single (size 10) exposed hook is barbless - easily shed if a pike bites it off. Those small fish will attract larger perch to your area. Perch figure prominently in many anglers’ early experiences because small ones are abundant, very obliging and not particularly tackle-shy. 15:03. Float Fishing. They're going to be too busy trying to catch the little fish. Following in Archie’s footsteps, my mate Ian and I tried spinning with Veltic bar-spoons with moderate success, catching fish to about 1½lb. A standard waggler works well but because you are often fishing at short range, a pole float may well serve you better. I'm delighted that Tim agreed to share his river perch fishing experiences gained over the last 25 years. This forum is for discussing Other Traditional Float Fishing Techniques. Perch Fishing Tips. Lure fishing for pike with a heavy baitcaster outfit and a classic Shakespeare Big-S silver plug, I landed a 2¾lb perch. I would buy some dendrobeana worms and chop a few up at a time and introduce them via a bait dropper with a few maggots mixed in... this has worked for me on more than a few occasions. It is good for bottom feeding fish like Carp, Tench, Bream and Perch. and the Great Ouse. Initially I adopted a trotting approach in late summer, but continued it into the winter when it evolved into fishing one or two swims in a more static manner, using a baitdropper to introduce chopped worm and maggots then laying-on or edging the bait through over-depth (see rigs section below). ** Never delay the strike as the perch wolf the bait down headfirst **. Go for a float. 2020 popular 1 trends in Sports & Entertainment, Home & Garden with Perch Fishing Floats and 1. Hopelessly outgunned by the tackle, there was no chance of a memorable battle but the jaw-dropping proportions of that fish compared to any perch I’d ever seen before opened my eyes to what was possible. 2SSG,3SSG,4SSG. There are perch fish reaching about 5 pou… If you think I’m joking, consider this. Fortunately perch of these sizes are now becoming more common and are likely to come from almost any fishery that has perch in. coarse fishing. On the other hand, younger perch males hardly have this distinct appearance. While perch is not your usual big fish, many anglers are drawn towards it. Ray’s setup consisted of a Loaded Crystal Waggler and 4.4lb Float Fish mainline tied directly to a size 14 Wide Gape Specialist hook. I remember watching some kids fishing live minnows for perch at Horton Kirby, back in the 70's. Perch fishing is simple and en-joyable, once the fish have been found. I've written many times that the depth is critical with big perch, but I normally prefer to fish on the bottom on commercials as the presentation is better, plus I can congregate the small fry there with heavy baiting. Jan 30, 2019 - Float fishing for Perch by laying on, is a traditional method of catching fish. Rivers like the Great Ouse, Thames and Trent have a reputation for big perch, but you don’t have to follow the crowds – if your local river fits the bill, give it a go and you could be pleasantly surprised! All Content Copyright 2020 by Fishing Discoveries. ** Never delay the strike as the perch wolf the bait down headfirst ** Report. Aug 1, 2019 - Float fishing for Perch by laying on, is a traditional method of catching fish. Many sunfish are referred to as perch but the fish I am covering here is the yellow perch. Float – Crystal Insert Waggler In clear water Gareth likes to use crystal floats with the insert giving him added sensitivity. It certainly was for me, about twenty-five years ago on the River Trent near Nottingham. Having plenty of shot down the line also helps to keep the rig in place and stop it from being moved around. Any ground bait left over after a days fishing goes into the freezer ready for the next trip. As anglers we quickly become conditioned to see perch as small, so if and when we do encounter a big one, maybe 15 to 20 times bigger than the norm, that pit-of-the-stomach excitement is guaranteed. It took a 7-ounce chub! Float fishing – the best spots and bait/lures for Eurasian perch. Time of day can be critical to success, particularly in the winter when the last hour before dusk is definitely the key time; I don’t know about dawn because I’m not a morning person! 3lb on the nose: Drop shot rig and small shad. Handmade in-line slider fishing floats, ideal for catching perch, chub, barbel and zander. I put several worms on the hook and pull them up above the knot. In the summer it seems to be less important and I have caught at various times. The majority of my river perch fishing has been on the Trent and its tributaries, but I’ve also had success on the Witham and fen drains in Lincolnshire (covering water is the key here!) Please log in again. Howard Croston: What Would You Ask a Fly Fishing World Champion? The 4lb breaking strain he is using today is more than enough to handle any perch swimming in the UK. My local Fenland Drains are somewhat featureless for most of the year and with perch, tench and bream being the mainstay of my fishing nowadays a feeder full of groundbait, as opposed to single bait ledgering, is a vital factor in carrying the One lad was using a 3" Pike Bung ("Gazette" float) and a perch of about 8" whacked it straight under! Float fishing for Perch with worms. by MaggotDrowner » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:13 pm, Post Also i have finally had a bit of sucess us Perch And Float Fishing.. Fishing forecast for the next few days Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems like salmon and steelhead get all the glory. 3x Sensitive Waggler Float Carp Perch Match Coarse Fishing Tackle Durable Wood. A few years later, the next development in my perch fishing involved two quite different methods. The first, again influenced by Archie, was his livebait paternoster with a short hooklink and long bomb link. With bait fish in the vicinity you're, to my mind, less likely to attract the perch to your worm. 9 - What makes Bellyboat or float tube so successful for Perch fishing? In choppier conditions Gareth would switch to a longer, more stable waggler. I had essentially discovered for myself the winter method that Archie has described in his writings. Browse more videos. Where to find perch in rivers varies with the season: They are mobile and actively hunting their prey. Fishing for Perch was once the most common types of fishing in UK waters, but the arrival of a killer disease caused by a bacteria Aeromonas in the late 1960s hugely reduced their numbers to the point where they have never really recovered. Vintage Pike Bobber Fishing Tackle Floats X2 Pike Bass Carp Perch Zander Wrasse. This meant we probably didn’t fully commit to fishing the lures properly which likely limited our results. Make offer - 3x Sensitive Waggler Float Carp Perch Match Coarse Fishing Tackle Durable Wood. I started to experiment with these methods and got some great tips from another thinking angler, Eric Weight, via his blog. I now count drop-shotting and small shads (2 – 3”) as very effective perch fishing methods. 3 years ago | 19 views. Cover is important and perch will inhabit areas with overhanging trees, marginal vegetation, man-made structures (boat moorings, marinas, bridges) and generally deeper, slower water. Fishing Books, Magazines, Anglers Guides & Film's: Other Traditional Fishing Related Topics: ↳   Traditional Reel Building and Restoring, ↳   Making Other Items of Traditional Fishing Tackle, ↳   Traditional Fishing Tackle Manufacturers, ↳   Andrew Betts - The Norfolk Float Company, ↳   Traditional Fishing Tackle Shops, Past and Present. £9.99 Baits and Spinners for Freshwater Perch It is also a good fish to target from an angling perspective as it readily takes spinners and natural baits like worms and maggots. It is good for bottom feeding fish like Carp, Tench, Bream and Perch. I sometimes use the additive Predex. Anyway, this works for me, either under a float or legered. If fishing deep water I may have to resort to a sliding float, especially as I'm likely to be laying a foot or so of line on the bottom. From "... the wilds of the Wirral, whose wayward people both God and good men have quite given up on ...". If they're there I and feeding you'll get bites in minutes. Float fishing with braid has a few advantages though, apart from the obvious advantage of the thinner diameter. We have been a little slack with the weeding for the last few months and so when I finished harvesting I gave the ground a quick scuffle, collected in the worst of the uprooted weeds and then decided to dig the ground and bury what remained. Tim is quick to give credit to the anglers who passed on key information and tactics to him. Perch along with roach were probably one of the first fish we caught as kids. Float fishing is by far my preferred method of fishing for perch and my main method of fishing unless a long cast is required. Perch may show preference for one kind of worm, and may be very particular about the depth at which it is presented. Often the take is instant and I have had the line pulled from my fingers before I can get it in the indicator clip on several occasions. Perch fishing with prawn Perch will feed all year round, but autumn and winter are the best times. There's a separate article on Drop Shotting for Perch coming soon... Close down the bait-holder hook with your pliers. As mentioned above, the simplest way to feed for perch is to simply spray maggots over the top of the area you are fishing with a catapult. It is native to eastern and midwestern states, but has been widely transplanted…especially into many waters of the Rocky Mountain states. A few years later I did try the Veltics again in a different part of the Trent resulting in a new PB of 3lb 2oz (photograph below). The larger perch, roach and rudd always seem to be just outside the mass of smaller fish anyway. Notwithsanding this - regarding Drennan floats - is the "Zeppler" the one? A roving approach was great fun, produced some nice perch (and chub) and identified a number of good swims. Often that first encounter with a big perch is a fluke. Perch do not like a moving bait, so it is much better to nail it to the lakebed by fishing slightly overdepth with a small shot to anchor the float in position. The only way to find out is experiment! However, in 2018, I couldn’t wait to get the lure rod out and started slightly early at the end of September. Follow. Although out of fashion, Veltics are still a cracking lure in the right circumstances. You should always use a wire trace with treble hooks (if a pike bites you off, trebles can seal its throat shut). Here are the main rigs to match to the methods described already. On The Bank Angling. Last year I lost an absolutely huge perch while stick float fishing for bait. The ground bait that I use for my perch fishing consists of equal portions of soaked sheep nuts and brown crumb, hemp and dead maggots. I use Archie’s ‘hair rig’ with size 16 baitholder bent over to avoid hook-ups and a size 8 barbless main hook; the ‘hair’ is simply an extension of the 10lb nylon hooklink (see "rigs" section below).

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