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This thread is for sharing recent internship offers you've gotten, new grad and experienced dev threads will be on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. Why did you choose to interview with this company for this position? They were nice enough to consider me even though I thought I screwed up the technical big time. last one was more related to system design. (I don't have any reason to believe it's engineering-only, but that's the part I know definitively. phone interview starting with introducing yourself followed by two code questions. Nor have I really run into anyone unpleasant during my tenure here. was contacted by the recruiter ~october , had two telephonic interviews in ~2 months , had 4 f2f rounds in feb next yr. Does Facebook ask to have your Facebook login if you work there? Ship, learn, iterate, ship, learn, iterate. How did the timeline of the process look like? Main source of preparation was the algo book by skiena, followed by lots of questions from geeksforgeeks and careercup. The hiring process at Facebook involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company. The answer to this question reveals the candidate's motivations for pursuing this internship position. Interviewed for a Facebook internship last year, no offer (but I was a borderline candidate). This isn't to say that people aren't hungry and aren't trying to do the best they can. There are some things like product decisions that I am not equipped to answer and am not going to go into the specifics of anyone's application. Have given plenty of interviews , complex algos were not asked even once. Asked November 24, 2017. What sort of information do you mine from a serious applicants personal Facebook profile? Did they fly you out to the HQ after 2 phone screens or to some closer location? This blogs post is echoing this french article, written by a member of the Duchess, an organization, with Java Champions, that promotes women in tech, about her Google and Facebook interview process. I’ve seen this happen often actually and there is no clear cut answer. Non technical interview included questions like why facebook, what is your favorite app, tell me about a project you worked on. I'm not on the recruiting team, and I've only been here for a few months but I think if I had to point out a few things that really define working at Facebook they would be: The people here are pretty amazing. No response for full-time at Facebook yet after a week. How much emphasis do you put on GPA as opposed to out of the classroom type work? The process took 3 weeks. Hopefully I have some good insight into this matter. What kind of things do you have on your CV/résumé? I frickin hate guacamole.". One phone interview and one onsite interview. I interviewed at Facebook in February 2020. Some handled the questions well, while others floundered. It's possible that public Facebook information could show up somewhere in the general search-the-web results for passive candidates, but if I dug into someone's Facebook profile for more background on them as a candidate, I would expect to be punished quite seriously. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Iteration. Historically, the recruiting industry hasn’t been known for transparency and at Facebook we work hard every day to make the world more open and connected – and this is my team's effort to do the same. Thanks! It's both personally satisfying to be shipping something every week, but it's also a great way to get things done over a long period of time. Last year (July — October 2017) I completed a Software Engineering internship at Facebook, Tel Aviv. My name is Will Barnett and I am an engineer recruiter on Facebook's University recruiting team. For design questions read some famous papers on fb, Google etc architecture and lots of vids on YouTube. Was not asked at any stage about my fb account, though the recruited added me later on fb after the offer. Not long before I wrote this post, I received an offer from Google Singapore for a Software Engineer Intern role. My name is Will Barnett and I am an engineer recruiter on Facebook's University recruiting team. 453 Facebook Software Engineer(Internship) interview questions and 427 interview reviews. I have never seen information from a Facebook profile in background given to me or referenced in interview feedback, or heard of anyone getting information that way. Cant stress it more! Ultimately, we want to hire people that build amazing things and push technologies to new heights. The process took 1 day. As a student (or a recent student) this should be the easiest part of the whole process. Submission of essays, transcript, and resume and then a 30 minute non technical interview. If you are looking to work with Facebook, this post will help you learn about the recruitment process at the company. I'm an engineering director at Facebook, and interview or review the interview results for dozens of candidates in a given month. I applied online. The whole onsite interview started at 11am and ended at 4pm, Sry I signed an nda for the salary but it is what glass door suggests, for lvl4. There are four hours online coding and technical interview and coding, Questions are mostly related to coding. I worked on the Express Wi-Fi team, which is part of Internet.org. Also, for something less text-based, here's a bunch of art, graffiti and unsubtle propaganda within 30 feet of my desk at FB: http://imgur.com/a/g3bSg. How did you prepare, what resources did you use? Answer See 2 answers. Not just in terms of their technical skills, but also skills-as-being-human. Answered September 10, 2019. I had the onsite interview at Facebook New … "We can't hire this guy. Facebook Interview Process best of luck for your job search! Turned down a third interview with a company, and the manager had been LinkedIn stalking me for months. We want to answer all your questions about getting hired at Facebook, what it’s like working here, what types of candidates we look for, how to prepare for interviews, and anything else you’re wondering about. to "Why do you exist?" How do you apply to work for Facebook and how does the interview process work if your hired on? Congratulations! This is a bit of an odd situation. I interviewed for the Facebook Software Engineering Internship position both last year, and this year. The interview questions themselves are the usual algorithm and data-structure focused questions that are commonplace at … Interned at Google instead. In general, Facebook SWE interns have to pass two interviews (scheduled separately). EDIT: Thanks for showing up everyone - This was a lot of fun! We'll be answering questions from 1PM - 6PM ET. I'm not sure I could tell what a GPA meant without some research, because schools have different models and I'm from Canada anyway. If you have that exp thats even better , but if you dont , you can just go over the topcoder tutorials and practice a few questions .Should be good enough Best of luck :). Just got an offer from facebook(menlo park) and wanted to thank all of you for the awesome resources and the interview experiences posted here . The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Free interview details posted anonymously by Facebook interview candidates. The process took 2+ months. ), https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151317682447200. Top 5 Internship Interview Question Tips. Genuinely curious. There's a decent combo of top-down on overall goals but bottom-up on the methods to get there. (Even if, as was my case, your last interview was for an internship, and you passed). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. internships are very good signal, probably the best for new grads (especially Facebook internships!) Thanks! I'm deaf and am getting a computer science degree in a year and I would like to consider working for companies like Facebook. Application. I already had a job in my current country , facebook also sponsored the h1b so that was a pretty big motivation as well. Facebook Interns World-class mentors, our open culture and opportunities to make a real impact are just a few reasons why our intern program was ranked #1 by Glassdoor two years in a row. Find a source of interview questions (random websites, glassdoor.com, cracking the coding interview, etc.) Do they take your college/university in to consideration? Code answers to those questions. Shit, this happened to me too. What is your salary if you dont mind me asking? It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions. Here’s how I prepped for my interviews.I just finished seven on-site interviews at Silicon Valley tech companies. People on Reddit shared the toughest questions they've ever had to answer in an interview, from "Can you tell me a joke?" Even if you have a lot of experience hiring full-time employees, internship hiring can bring its own set of challenges. I applied through college or university. Recruiters from across the company – University, Engineering, Tech, Business, Sales and Marketing, Diversity, and Programs – are lined up to help me out today so we can answer as many questions as best as possible. The first interview went well and then I had an interview with the manager I would be working for. STUDY GUIDE. I am going to do my best to answer your questions. As someone who recently wrapped up hiring the summer 2019 class of interns for the Oakland Museum of CA, I have plenty of tips to offer on this topic.. First, keep in mind that an internship is a two-way street. Online and there's a phone screening, a video test and then an onsite interview. Since you're H1B, when do you start working? Congrats! Discover for yourself what makes interning at Facebook the ultimate learning experience. We relocate any engineering hire, certainly, including new grads. Do you have any deaf people working at Facebook? I was exhausted after being so tensed up for almost 2 hours of interview. We take privacy very seriously at Facebook and no applicants profile is accessed beyond what any other user would be able to publicly view. I strongly recommend forcing yourself to pretend you're in an interview setting. EDIT: Since a lot of people messaged me for preparation tips and resources , here are some pointers: 1)Implement all the important data structures and algorithms : http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/data-structures/ : i used this as a reference 2) Depth in a basic topic is more useful than breadth on a lot of topics . What is the corporate culture of Facebook like? A Computer Science portal for geeks. It’s important to ask the right interview questions to get the best data possible and hire top talent. The online system does use FB Connect, because it works well for us. I interviewed at Facebook (Los Angeles, CA) in June 2020. We don't just expect our engineers to move fast and ship stuff, but everyone in focused on building product and services that create a more open and connected world. Would be a great response for others out there..."Facebook doesn't even ask for that...". Interview. Supposedly FB interns are getting $8000/month for this summer (plus free housing) as answered on Quora: http://www.quora.com/Why-did-Facebook-raise-my-internship-salary-after-I-already-signed-for-the-position?share=1, http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-salary-for-Facebooks-summer-internship-in-2015?share=1. It was s great experience, all the questions was actually a little bit easy, even in leet code them appear as easy questions. Here are our top 5 tips for preparing for an internship interview and how to answer internship interview questions: 1. 7 Intern Interview Questions and Answers . Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Historically, the recruiting industry hasn’t been known for transparency and at Facebook we work hard every day to make the world more open and connected – and this is my team's effort to do the same. They flew me out to their office in India for the f2f. Congrats! Intern interviews can be a challenging task. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Post a Job. How many places did you apply to/hear back from? The process is relatively quick because I contact the HR directly. Some have been coding for years before school and work on tons of outside projects and don't make school/grades a priority. Hey Reddit. by Andyy Hope I just got a developer job at Facebook. Any really good or uncommon advice that you would give? Hi. Hi, about two weeks ago I was invited to take a coding challenge on HackerRank for a Roblox internship. Know the implementation and use cases of basic things like dfs ,bfs , heaps , priority qs etc rather than studying ford fulkerson . There are 2 to 3 interviews (if they are unsure by the second one, they may schedule a third). Refer to Leetcode mid or difficult levels. The parts I like best are the mutual trust, internal transparency, celebration of each other's success, appetite for risk, and hair-trigger sensitivity to our values. The behavioral part is about you and your history, your resumé, and your motivation. • how do you think about problems? Do you weigh one more heavily than the other? We're a culture of builders... of hackers. But most people here seem to be able to find the right path without being jerks about it, know how to listen and know how to work with others. Do they offer relocation to all jobs, or only the more senior level? • would I want to work with you? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Interview. I don't know how to really define a corporate culture. If I get the internship, I wanted to understand what it feels like to work at Facebook as a designer, definitely a lot more in detail. I feel I kind off over prepared but was worth it I feel. It's how we ship software & services. However, there were questions that I wanted to ask specifically for the interviewer who is a Product Designer at Facebook. Cant reveal the questions due to nda , but dp , graphs , tree traversals are critical. Hey Reddit. Back in June I interviewed with a large medical device company for a developer position. 217 Facebook Intern interview questions and 205 interview reviews. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/data-structures/. Honesty, trust & communication. Depends on the visa lottery , if I get that I ll be joining in october , else might be earlier to a backup location decided by them for an year. When I was looking for a job I had a pretty strong no-assholes rule and didn't run into anyone during my interview process that qualified as that. Your application impressed the hiring manager, and you’re officially scheduled to interview for the internship of your dreams.. Now it’s prep time. !worked for me :P 4)For me I did not practice from sites like topcoder , though I understand they are very useful but given the time to rampup on them , I feel its better to have your basics very strong than have that level of experience with coding contest lvl questions! Interview. If you hate them, that's fine, but please don't get in the way of the people who find them useful. We look at the whole candidate package - GPA is one signal but never the only signal. I've only seen one or two instances of big-things-that-take-a-long-time (like the new iOS client we just did, and that worked out well.) The process have gave me a lot of lessons and I hoped that by writing down my… You already have a response to that: "It's against their terms of service to disclose this information", Or you could even say: "Fuck off, that's none of your business", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. One 45-min interview with a Facebook engineer about algorithms. I interviewed at Facebook (Menlo Park, CA (US)). If I ever look at GPA, it'll be when the packet is "weird", and I want some hint as to whether the candidate was just having an off day and we should follow up to get more data. People who can display their actual skills by building real things beyond class projects are very frequently the stronger candidates. It's vital to understand what is motivating your applicants so you can determine if they are in for the long haul. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. The first coding question is very standard coding question and the second one is a little more related to facebook's certain functionality The interviewer and the HR are very very nice. Relocation is provided for everyone for any full time or intern position. Congrats! Facebook pays a ridiculously large amount of money to converted interns - more so than to many new hires they recruit by conventional means. Minor difference. Some job interview questions go far beyond the expected, "Why do you want to work here?" Interview. Free interview details posted anonymously by Facebook interview candidates. This is fundamental to the culture here. That's a really great combination since it gives enough direction to know where everyone needs to be, but allows people at an individual level to be creative about how they get there. • what have you done? How much you were asked about your current job vs generic algo/design questions? Talking to them really makes me feel relaxed. Plus there was a tour and Q&A panel about the internship at Facebook. The first one is easier, the second one harder. I interviewed about a year ago for an SDET internship on Bing and did not do very well on my interviews. Most of the questions were hard use cases of basic algos/ds 3)overprepare! Not all applicants have Facebook accounts, even (though very-most do, and having a direct opinion about what we build is certainly very helpful). I ultimately accepted an offer for a software engineering job from Facebook. When did you apply, when did you get your first interview, ..., when did you get the offer after the last interview? The purpose of the behavioral interview is to assess whether the candidate will thrive in Facebook's peer-to-peer, minimal-process, unstructured engineering organization. I got in touch with them at my college's career fair and already had an in person technical interview before this. A Facebook software engineer candidate said: “After the interview, I wasn't sure if I would be happy working at Facebook so they let me come back and speak with my would-be … Some candidates do well in school and well in our interview process, and get hired. As this event was for lateral hires , most of the ppl being interviewed were from top companies , not sure of the college though.

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