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Overall, computer and information technology careers pay an average annual salary of $86,320. Are you intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes of the stores and services you use each... 2. As a teacher, you could choose to work with children or adults in school or community settings. Home » 25 Most Popular College Majors [2020 Guide]. Get to know the people who support “their” students through the admissions process — and beyond. This particular degree earns a median salary of $69,000. You’ll read great works and learn to think critically about them. In other classes, you’ll discuss how to oversee projects, make decisions and keep information secure. All Rights Reserved. Fewer young men got degrees in education than older men, but … If you love books and poems, letters and speeches, words and grammar, then think about going to college for a degree in English. For example, their work may be intended to sell products, relay information or increase brand recognition. Earning this degree will help you lead teams, influence people and contribute to important research. Regardless of your current college search status, you can learn details about nearly 8,000 accredited colleges and nearly 1,500 college degrees with MatchCollege. To choose the best major for you, look through the top 25 college majors, and consider which one best aligns with your talents and interests. A degree in criminal justice leads to an average yearly salary of $54,000. If you’ve got a mind for math, think about a career in accounting. The classes for this program will cover computer theories, algorithms and operating systems. Courses for this degree will cover human growth and development, learning processes, and classroom instruction techniques. It encompasses jobs like communications director, social media specialist and press secretary. If so, think about majoring in business administration. People with bachelor’s degrees in general engineering degree earn $81,000 per year on average. As a mom of one who's lived and worked all across the country, she's glad to have once again found her niche in her hometown of Pittsburgh. Send thank-you notes. You’ll learn to work with children or adults in community settings or residential facilities. There may be classes on running promotions and using digital media. During your time in school, you’ll further improve those abilities and learn how to apply them in professional settings. Explore our list of popular college majors and let it lead you to a college that’s right for you! In a political science program, you’ll have the opportunity to study systems of government and politics. You can earn more than $100,000 as a software developer , a position … A liberal arts program is rich in humanities studies. The median salary for a bachelor’s degree in social work is $42,000. The classes will introduce you to the basics of how kids grow and develop, and you’ll learn how you can support students’ physical, mental, social and cognitive wellbeing. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular majors across colleges in America. The median salary for undergraduate accounting majors, in particular, is $69,000. The average annual income for a person who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is $93,000. Going back to school is a popular option for psychology majors. Copyright 2007-2020. A list of all 30 available majors … The principles you learn may help you build small household appliances or enormous vehicles. We compiled this list of best college majors based on research covering job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. Then, get ready to study your way toward a promising career! As a journalism student, you will study how to investigate current events and present the information in clear and engaging ways. An undergraduate degree in this field prepares students for careers in hospitals, doctor’s … Through in-depth credit for prior learning guides and accelerated degree tips, we want to help you realize your dream of finishing college... in less time! Below is a list of over 1,800 college majors profiled on MyMajors. This repository contains a selection of the data -- and the data-processing scripts -- behind the articles, graphics and interactives at FiveThirtyEight. You’ll also study human resources, organizational leadership, public relations and business law. While anyone can spend money, it takes special skills to analyze financial trends and make smart decisions based on the data. Posted Dec 4th, 2017 , Updated Jun 29th, 2018 by College Atlas In 2016, 1,284,061 bachelor’s degrees were awarded in the U.S – 43% were awarded to males and 57% were awarded to females. Plus, this top 44 list of majors … To round out your college experience, you’ll take math and science classes. According to a 2010 report published by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, the most popular college majors at the bachelor’s degree level include: Business. You can enter this field without a college degree, but having a bachelor’s may increase your chances of landing a competitive job or getting a leadership position. Which of these most popular majors most appeals to you? A general engineering degree can provide good preparation for a graduate program in which you study a specific branch of engineering. Accounting and economics will be important components of your finance studies. You’ll need to earn a master’s degree or a doctorate before qualifying for APRN positions. Many sales and marketing management jobs require only a bachelor’s degree. To become a licensed social worker, you’ll need to go to graduate school to earn a Master of Social Work. A bachelor’s degree in education will prepare you for a job as an elementary or secondary school teacher. You may learn about some genres of journalism, such as sports, features, entertainment and opinions. Take time to explore your options and find the major that’s the best fit for you. You’ll have studio classes and assemble a design portfolio. We hope you'll u [2021 Guide], What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree? The most popular major for men 65 and older, between 40 and 64, and between 25 and 39 is the same - science and engineering. Others are more contained. Send a plate of cookies. The curriculum will give you valuable knowledge from across the spectrum of engineering disciplines. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. These will include novels, poems, short stories and plays. Becoming a licensed psychologist requires a doctoral degree. Computer and technology professions command a median annual salary of $86,320. Alternatively, some graphic designers look for jobs in marketing, web design or drafting. Operations research analyst: 27%. The 6 most popular college majors 1. Business. You’ll learn about global markets and the financial responsibilities of corporations. You may enroll in electives that provide a closer look at your favorite eras or events. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, graduating with this degree leads to an average annual salary of $43,000. You’ll also learn how crime affects victims and entire communities and then discuss methods of prevention. Major Pages include Description, Courses, Careers, Salary, Related Majors and Colleges offering major. Psych majors enjoy partially reading their … Other courses will teach you about statistics, research methods and data analysis. If you want to protect others and stand up for what is right, then you may feel called into the criminal justice field. Or maybe you’ve spent years in the classroom and don’t want to continue to do it, Number of Degrees Awarded: 125,070 Plus, this top 44 list of majors gives you the option to research the Best Colleges by Major, where you can view the Best Colleges for various STEM majors, Arts, Business, and more. Management analysts: 14%. A degree in business … 2020, Digest of Education Statistics 2019, Table 322.10. If a degree in engineering seems right for you, but you aren’t set on a specific branch, then you might do well to earn your degree in general engineering. You will complete practicums in which you can observe professional social workers on the job and try out the skills you’ve been learning. You could also consider going to law school for a career as an attorney. Some of the topics that you’ll study for this degree include family dynamics, cultural influences, organizational structure and workplace relationships. In other words, you may be inclined to search for nursing degrees or criminal justice careers by category instead of by state or school size. M Major 10 or more … You’ll also learn about assessing patients, using medications and encouraging healthy behavior.

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