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can cats eat chocolate

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One square of unsweetened baking chocolate. But…can cats eat chocolate? of 70-85% dark chocolate. Before you leave your cat around chocolate … Factors include the weight of the cat plus the kind and amount of chocolate consumed. Grapes, raisins, and nuts are also red flag foods. What about chocolate-flavored foods like ice cream? This stimulant in chocolates can affect the nervous and cardiac systems if consumed in excess quantities. This toxicity is caused by theobromine (xantheose). Commercial chocolates usually include milk, which many cats are actually allergic too. Cats are known to be picky eaters, so even if they do go for the chocolate, it’s uncommon and usually a small portion. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. Your cat may naturally vomit after eating chocolate, but do not try to make your cat vomit at home without the advice of your veterinary surgeon. The severity of the symptoms that a cat may experience after eating chocolate will often depend on how much chocolate was ingested, and which type of chocolate … Can Cats eat chocolate? Chocolate is very toxic to cats. The good news is that most cats will not actually try to eat chocolate. Chocolate is toxic to cats because it … Your email address will not be published. Your kitty will not have to have his stomach pumped for eating a few Hershey’s Kisses. Eating these ingredients can lead to a number of medical complications—some of which may be seri… 25g (0.9 oz.) Chocolate poisoning in cats can vary from each cat and according to their age. One side-effect of chocolate is an increased heart rate. Cats and chocolate. … There is some self preservation there and many of them will simply not see chocolate as a food, especially if it’s strong, dark … The answer to the question, can cats eat chocolate is, no. A tiny lick of white chocolate might not hurt your cat, but baking chocolate is the absolute worst thing a cat can eat. NO! Your email address will not be published. Being owners of cats means that we are too familiar that proper nutrition is essential for our feline friends’ overall health and well-being. White chocolate, too, is dangerous for cats to eat. How Much Chocolate Is Too Much for a Cat? In larger amounts, theobromine is especially dangerous because cats can’t break it down and eliminate it like humans. 20g (0.7 oz.) Unfortunately, just like our pup pals, cats cannot eat chocolate. Try not to leave baked goods or even baking supplies unattended on the counter, or keep your cat out of the kitchen while baking. However, when a cat consumes chocolates, the affects can be just as bad. But what about cats? If you feel your cat has consumed a toxic amount of chocolate, go to the vet or your nearest animal emergency room right away for treatment. Why Can’t Cats Eat Chocolate? There are many delicious foods that humans enjoy that can be poisonous to cats.In … Let’s take a look at the possible effects chocolate can create in cats. The reason: Theobromine, a toxic substance when taken in excess (80 to 100 grams of chocolate ingested per kilo that the cat weighs). Occasionally, (and with a glint in their eye) we give in to treating our cats. If you catch your cat in the act of eating chocolate, take them to a vet as soon as possible. Chocolate is poisonous to cats and can cause serious harm, so it is not good for cats to eat chocolate. The straightforward answer to the question: “Can cats eat chocolate?” is a big no.Cats can’t eat chocolate. Products are on the market that mimic sweet treats or chocolate tastes if you truly want to provide a treat or believe your cat likes chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. However, according to Pharmacy Director, Eddie Khoriaty, "since cats don't usually have the ability to taste 'sweet,' it is not too common to hear of a cat … Most cats aren’t attracted to chocolate anyway, but you should still be careful. Chocolate includes theobromine and caffeine, both of which are methylxanthines and can be extremely harmful to cats. Dark chocolate, baking chocolate and cocoa powder tend to have the highest levels. The answer is no. Knowing your cat’s size and weight will also be helpful when speaking with a vet over the phone: this is a useful way of assessing the risk to your cat. You should avoid letting your cat eat small amounts … Raw eggs could lead to salmonella poisoning. Once at the veterinary practice, the vet will perform several tests, including a physical exam and blood tests. Do not let your cat on the counter while you are cooking. So even if your cat begs for a piece, please do not fall for her heartwarming influence and say no. This is a long list of possibilities. I read about a cat owner who said her cats love Hershey’s Kisses and that she finds wrappers around the house from eaten treats. The main reason to discourage feeding cats \"people food\" is that there are a number of foods that are toxic to cats. They may also conduct an ECG (heart test) to determine whether there are any abnormalities in your cat’s heart rate. It is much more common to hear stories of dogs getting ill from accidental chocolate ingestion, however chocolate can also pose a serious health risk to cats. Chocolate contains ingredients called theobromine and … Onion in all forms -- powdered, raw, cooked, or dehydrated -- can break down … Back to our question – can cats eat white chocolate? Can cats eat chocolate? Instead, find specially formulated and feline-safe treats to give them: chocolate for cats is never a good idea! Heavy Breathing Cat – The 3 Types of Heavy Breathing and What They Mean, Rocki Robot Companion Review: We Tried It. Some may be minor and others fatal. Read this article to find out. The little bit of chocolate is not worth your pets … However, eating too much (especially darker chocolate) can become a medical emergency. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And to understand why to Let’s go in-depth on why your cat should not eat chocolate. Should you suspect your cat has eaten chocolate, watch out for any of the following symptoms: If you notice symptoms of illness, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. Can Cats Eat Chocolate: What You Need to Know When you think of an animal having a bad reaction to chocolate, it’s usually dogs not cats. According to a study published in the 2006 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, chocolate is the third highest antioxidant source consumed in the U.S. following coffee and tea. How healthy is this for the cats? If the question is if cats can eat chocolate, the answer is NO. Chocolate is made from the roasted seeds of the cacao plant, and the caffeine and theobromine that it contains is especially toxic to cats. However, I really hope pet owners would consider any amount over zero to be too much. Can My Cat Eat Chocolate? The consequences of the … The answer to the question, “Can cats eat chocolate” – the answer is no. If caught early enough, a vet can induce vomiting to try ridding the toxic element from your cat’s system before it builds up. Remember that, contrary to what many believe, milk is not an appropriate food for cats, since the vast majority of adult cats … As with any harmful food that could cause toxicity, avoiding ingestion is always the best practice. As a result, all forms of chocolate contain … Cats and chocolate don’t go well together and indeed are a very dangerous combination. Baking chocolate is considered the worst and has the highest level of theobromine. Seeing your cat unwell can be a stressful time, but it is great to give the veterinary surgeon as much information as possible like how much, and what kind of chocolate your cat has consumed: saving the wrappers or packets can useful for this, as when you take your cat to the veterinary practice, any packaging will be useful to know the concentration of the chocolate. Chocolate isn’t good for a cat’s dental health either; with this fact and the risk of severe side effects or even death, the acceptable level of chocolate for cats should remain at a firm zero. We all know (or at least I hope you do) that chocolate is a big no-no for dogs. Chocolate is dangerous for pets for several reasons. Examples include onions and garlic (when eaten in large quantities) and exposure to concentrated forms such as garlic powder can also be toxic. Chocolate ice cream is bad for cats for the same reason. For a ten-pound cat, notes Petful, one small square of baking chocolate can do as much harm to your kitty as twenty-three wrapped chocolate drops. Every member of your household needs to be informed and understand the risks of chocolate when it comes to pets. That means you should call the veterinarian if your 10-pound pet consumes: These are intended only as rough guidelines (always use your best judgment and call your vet when in doubt), but you can see how the toxicity ranges depending on the darkness of the chocolate. Dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate … Chocolate is toxic for cats to eat and can cause serious harm if not treated immediately. The theobromine absorbs much more slowly in cats then it does in us, so even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic to a cat. Or, can cats eat chocolate cake? Drawing on her background as an award-winning SQP, Dawn shares her own work and that of the animal health industry through her own social media and blogs. This isn’t something I would consider or encourage. Chocolate ice cream is bad for cats for the same reason. Required fields are marked *. “Luckily, cats don’t have a sweet tooth like dogs do, so it is less commonly seen than in dogs,” Dr. Demarco explains. If the chocolate consumption is very recent (usually within one to two hours) the vet may choose to induce vomiting or administer charcoal. Similarly to dogs, chocolate also can pose a serious health risk to cats and can be fatal if too much is eaten. Besides of chocolate, it still has a list of harmful food that you should put it out of cat… Do not risk it! Theobromine and caffeine are absorbed from the GI tract and widely distributed throughout your cat's body, according the Merck Veterinary Manual.Chocolate toxicosis (poisoning) can … Here is the order of theobromine toxicity in different chocolates: Baked chocolate – most toxic Dark chocolate Semi-sweet chocolate Milk chocolate White chocolate – less toxic. Cats are less likely to eat chocolates on their own as they cannot taste the sweetness. 2  Theobromine absorbs much more slowly in cats than it does in humans so even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic to a small cat. Because of their small size, cats don't need to eat much chocolate to develop serious complications. Chocolate contains ingredients called theobromine and caffeine which are toxic to cats if consumed in large enough quantities. Chocolate contains theobromine a stimulant. Signs of chocolate toxicity usually show up 6-12 hours after ingestion and can … Can cats eat chocolate? Photos: SuziJane (top), alexgoodey/Flickr, One square of unsweetened baking chocolate, A thin slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, 23 Hershey’s Kisses (about a third of an 11-ounce bag), Reese’s Pieces contain only trace amounts of theobromine. Read more here. Even if your cat eats a little chocolate here and there, it’s still not healthy. Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Cats. Bigger cats might metabolize chocolate better than small cats. Although they’re not normally as curious about people foods as dogs are, cat (and kittens in particular) can sometimes eat things they aren’t supposed to eat, including chocolate. While it is tasty and harmless to humans, a simple nibble could be life-threatening for your cat. Even though white chocolate is less toxic then dark or milk chocolate (white chocolate does not contain caffeine and has little theobromine in them), white chocolate is made up of cocoa butter, which is still harmful to cats. While it may be less likely your cat will … Dawn Prime is an RSQP (RAMA - Registered Animal Medicine Advisor) and an Animal Nurse Assistant within a companion animal veterinary practice on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in England. Kittens are more prone to chocolate poisoning compared to adult cats, due to their more inquisitive behavior! 1.5 tablespoons of dry cocoa powder. While cats do seem less inclined than dogs to eat chocolate, it does happen and our emergency vets occasionally see chocolate poisoning cases in cats. By Dawn Prime Veterinary Practice SQP of the Year 2019 and Overall SQP of the Year 2019 Practice Support Staff 2020 at Petplan Award Winner. While the toxic dose of chocolate in cats is 200mg/kg, cats react differently to chocolate. In fact, chocolate can be really harmful to cats. A small amount of chocolate is not fatal to cats. If questioned if cats can have a little chocolate, the answer is NO! Chocolate is not safe for cats and and most cats are actually lactose-intolerant. Chocolate contains ingredients called theobromine and caffeine, which are toxic to cats, if consumed in large enough quantities. Can You Feed Your Cat Small Amounts of Chocolate? Be sure to keep chocolate in cupboards and ideally in cat-proof containers, as cats are rarely dissuaded by heights or doors! Chocolate isn’t good for a cat’s dental health either; with this fact and the risk of severe side effects or even death, the acceptable level of chocolate for cats should remain at a firm zero. Chocolate is toxic to cats. That means there is plenty of it to be found by curious kitties, and if found, can cats eat chocolate… Regardless, the result is that chocolate is poisonous for your cat. Can Cats Eat Chocolate? It depends. If your cat has heart problems, diabetes, or hypertension, then even a small amount of chocolate can be deadly. Chocolate is poisonous to cats and can cause serious harm, so it is not good for cats to eat chocolate. Onions, Garlic, Chives. You can put down a plate and cats will lick up your turkey dinner, or devour the rest of the tuna can, but just because they can eat some human food doesn’t mean they can or should eat … Derived from the roasted seeds of the cacao plant, certain properties in chocolate can be toxic to cats when they’re ingested, specifically, caffeine and theobromine. Stick with regular cat treats. Cats are inquisitive and may want to take a bite from our human food, or from time to time you may be tempted to give human food, but bear in mind that some human foods can be poisonous to cats. The simple answer is no! . Is a little chocolate okay? Can cats eat chocolate? Cats aren’t likely to eat chocolate, though. While a lick or two of milk chocolate is unlikely to cause a problem in a normal healthy cat, ingestion of small … Cats, while less likely to get chocolate poisoning, are only less likely to get it because they’re not as likely to try to eat the chocolate in the first place (since they can’t taste sweetness – … There are many cats treats available that will be much better for your cats’ health, including highly-nutritious treats and those formulated to improve dental health. By keeping poisonous and hazardous food out of reach, and providing your cat with a balanced diet, you will help them stay healthy: So, in conclusion, even if your cat does develop a taste for chocolate, you should never give in to treat them with human chocolate. This stimulant affects the central nervous and cardiac systems. Medications might be provided to control the side effects, and more serious cases may require your pet to be intubated, placed on a ventilator or monitored for cardiac activity. If you are a cat owner, it's important to familiarize yourself with the everyday foods that can be dangerous, and even deadly, for cats. But chocolate can be very dangerous for the rare cat who does eat it. While a chocolate bar may not appeal to them, any kind of milk-based chocolate … We know dogs can’t eat chocolate but can cats? Symptoms of chocolate toxicity can include: With this daunting list of symptoms, the best amount of chocolate for cats should be none. No! In addition to the sugar content, chocolate also contains a dangerous compound called theobromine which can be toxic in even very small quantities. In the order of theobromine toxicity, here’s a list from worst to least: So, how much chocolate is too much for a cat? While it’s rare that a cat will want to eat it at all, keeping chocolate safely locked away in a cupboard and deterring your cat from exploring countertops will help to prevent chocolate ingestion and keep your kitty safe. of 60 … But what about cats? Even though white chocolate is less toxic than other types … So, sadly if cats consume a high quantity of chocolate, it can lead to death. However, … Dogs can — and will — eat almost anything, so it is more of a possibility that they will consume a large amount of chocolate. In fact, chocolate is far more toxic to cats than it is to dogs. Cat Vomiting Blood: Why Do Cats Vomit Blood? As little as 20mg of theobromine per pound of pet weight can cause side effects and health problems. Should your cat be showing signs of chocolate poisoning, your veterinary surgeon will provide them with symptomatic treatment, such as IV fluids, and should the liver become affected, your cat will also be treated for liver disease. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. With so many good cat-specific options available, there’s no reason to indulge your cat in anything but the best. Chocolate contains two properties — theobromine and caffeine — that are poisonous to cats. We all know (or at least I hope you do) that chocolate is a big no-no for dogs. Even though they’re less likely to try and steal it away from under your nose, chocolate is still bad for cats, just as it is for dogs. Humans can metabolize theobromine relatively quickly, but dogs and cats can not, so it is toxic and … So the … The quantity of chocolate consumed also plays a very important role in deciding the level of symptoms. The ugly truth about chocolates is that it can be lethal for your cat. Theobromine is an alkaloid found in the cacao plant.

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