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best knives under 3 inches

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It also features Kershaw’s signature SpeedSafe assisted deployment system, the handle has a titanium nitride coating, and its a frame lock. Best Camping Knife: 10 Excellent Options For 2020. The Insistent is a budget-friendly compact Spyderco knife that doesn’t skimp on performance. 4.6 out of 5 stars 69. Best 3 inch or under Knife. One of the two smallest blades on our list, Boker’s Nano folding knife is a premium example of a tiny titan. Named after Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat (aboard which he lived out the tail end of his life), CRKT’s Pilar is a design from master knife maker Jesper Voxnaes. That reliable locking technology allows you to leverage its compact 2.47" S30V stainless steel blade to the max. My two favorites in that size range are both gifts. #opinel #ontario-knife-company #zero-tolerance #bestech #morakniv #james-brand #crkt #spyderco #benchmade #buying-guides #knives #small-pocket-knives #best-pocket-knife see all. The 4-way pocket clip offers plenty of flexibility in terms of how you choose to carry it, as does the lanyard hole and reversible thumb stud. 17 Learn more. At a Glance: Our Choices for The 10 Best Small EDC Knives Under 3 Inches; Folding Knife Buyer’s Guide; The Top Ten EDC Knives with Blades Under 3 Inches #1; Benchmade Mini Barrage #2; Kershaw Spoke #3; Kershaw Shuffle II #4; CRKT Squid #5; CRKT Pilar #6; Spyderco Ambitious #7; Spyderco Para 3 #8; Boker Plus Subcom #9; Gerber Ripstop II #10; Opinel No. 1054. Gear. Gaze into the ocean at a depth of up to 15 meters. What to Look for in a Small EDC Knife The blade is made from extremely high quality Crucible Powder Metallurgy steel (excellent for years and years of use), it has a lightweight and durable G10 handle, and it’s plenty discreet compared to its much larger cousin. Blade Material: Stainless Steel It’s not the most impressive steel in the world, but it sharpens well and is easy to handle. Blade Material: 20CV Steel The slimmer version of the Buck 110 solved a lot of problems for people with smaller hands. ... Best Pocket Knives Under $100: Budget Friendly Options For 2020. Active outerwear to keep you training through frigid temps & bad weather. Though some places have serious restrictions on automatic knives (we’re looking at you, California), other states are a bit more relaxed. So I am going to college in August and just found out that my school allows knives with blades three inches or smaller. It is more expensive than other mini-knives, so if you are looking for a bargain you might want to check out other blades. Check out some knives under 3" here: ... Kurt and Zac talk about the best EDC pocket knives under three inches. It comes with a symmetrical sheath that positively locks the blade into place, so you can be sure it won’t come out until you need it. They are just too small and although I have never dropped one, I always feel like I'm going to when opening and closing the blades. Spyderco’s Paramilitary 2 is an impressive folder, to be sure. The blade measures up at under 2 inches in length, but its solid 440C stainless steel construction ensures you’ll have a handy cutting tool that will last through years of regular usage. Handle Material: G10 & Titanium. Kurt and Zac talk about the best EDC pocket knives under three inches. The G10 scales on the handle allow for a sure grip even when your hands are wet, and the curved choil also acts as an additional grip section for increased control over the cut. While the rules can vary from place to place, the most typical acceptable length a pocket knife may be is 3 inches. It also features an unobtrusive liner lock for easy and reliable deployment and security during use. Here are the results. It also happens to have a blade that meets most length regulations – meaning you can pocket it if you live somewhere that any knife over 3″ is illegal. The 10 Best Pocket Knives for EDC Under $50 in 2020. Recently, CRKT has refreshed its design by sizing it up slightly and upgrading the blade composition to formidable D2 tool steel. Geoff Rowley (the former professional skateboarder) started Civilware to produce superb minimalist carry and outdoor gear that doesn’t skimp on style. Like Kershaw’s Cryo, the OKC Rat II is one of the greatest everyday carry knives ever to grace this Earth. For a lot of you, the best EDC knife is just under 3" long. You get all of the same love that Burnley puts into his designs with CRKT’s reputation and warranty. The typical blade length on the best pocket knives lie somewhere between 3 inches and 4 inches… Handle Material: 6Al4V Titanium. All rights reserved, Compact Cutters: 15 Best EDC Knives Under 3″. And their Fieldmaster SAK is certainly no different. Compact, durable, and iconic, this pocket flipper is an unbelievable bargain at less than $20 brand new. And the stainless steel tools are housed in a durable ABS handle small enough to fit in just about any pocket. The Gerber Ultralight LST made the list of best knives under an ounce, so it only makes sense that the Gerber LST makes the list of knives under 2 ounces. You can get it in drop-point, sheepsfoot, or tanto blade style. While the original comes with a black handle, the very fact that the handle scales are made from G10 means that they are available in a wide variety of colors. And with its G10 scales and the additional grip surface at the choil of the blade, you can get a full and tight grip on the pocekt knife during use, giving you precise control over the cut. The glass-reinforced fiber polyamide scales make for a lightweight 2.5 oz package, but it’s also sturdy with a stainless steel liner lock and a gorgeous blue backspacer that contrasts the rest of the knife’s design. Since said restrictions are so widespread, we’ve decided to put together the following list of 15 EDC knives with a blade length of three inches or less, total. If you think a fixed blade knife can’t have an edge under 3" and still be worth carrying, you haven’t seen the Morakniv Eldris. The blade comes in a smidge under 3 inches in length, and the entire knife is 3.87 inches when closed. The only knife on our list to rival the Boker Nano when it comes to length, Benchmade’s new 756 has one of the stoutest, yet still functional blades we’ve ever seen. Your message has been sent privately to our editorial staff for review. My Review: The Gerber Ghoststrike isn’t something that will do it all in one but it is a really cool fixed blade that’s light, easy to conceal, and easy to carry with you when a full size fixed blade is too cumbersome or just not viable. At that price range you begin to get into more premium blade steels and handle materials, and you see true separation from knives under $100. What's your favorite EDC knife in the sub-3” class? It is pretty small with a 2.63-inch blade and … 3.8 out of 5 ... 3-Inch Blade, Special Build Out. Because they are still widely regarded solely as weapons by governing bodies around the world, knives are often met with many restrictions. The No. When it comes to your EDC knife, size matters. It’s super-lightweight owing to its smart design, especially with its Grivory scaling that delivers impressive grip for the user without being too bulky and heavy for your pockets. And the Striker folding knife is a perfect example of that ethos in motion. Share. Blade Length: 3″ 20 Best Pocket Knives for EDC in 2020   Be careful with the Buck Knives Vantage Pro, as there are actually two different versions of this knife – a small one with a blade that measures up at 2 5/8″ and a large one that is well over the 3″ mark. Visit Site Blade Material: 440C Steel Based on the popular Efficient, the Insistent is a slightly scaled down version that retains the favorable ergonomic design that makes the original such a great choice for everyday carry. Blade Material: 154CM PVD-Coated Steel But it’s also a bit too far on the beefy end of the spectrum – measuring up at just under 8.3″ overall with a 3.44″ blade. Blade Length: 1.875″ So, if you want one of their knives, but need one that is under 3 inches in length, you can get their signature style in a pocketable package. It does require some maintenance because of its carbon-rich steel, but if you take care of it you’ll be rewarded with a handy knife that can handle daily tasks with ease. Related Gear:    #1. Handle Material: Beech Wood. Best Assisted-Opening Knives of 2020: 1. But the Folsom holds a special place in our hearts. But what makes The Elis even more useful than other small pocket knives is the fact that it comes with a separate screwdriver, scraper, and bottle opener, making this a veritable multitool for your everyday carry needs. ... First up it has a 3 inch partially serrated blade with easy one handed thumb notch action. Handle Material: G10 & TiCN PVD-Coated Titanium. In this article, I’ve listed best assisted-opening knives that deliver performance and these are best in quality for their respective price range. If you’re not already familiar with the founder of DPx Gear, Robert Young Pelton, we suggest getting your hands on one of his books or doing a little research. If you want a more traditional looking knife, an Opinel from France is a classic that still holds up today. Benchmade’s Lifetime Warranty means this knife will keep going as long as you do! Weighing in at a measly 2.3 ounces, the Spyderco Delica 4 is one of the best selling Spyderco knives they make. With a unique sheepsfoot blade shape, contrasting bead-blasted handle and satin-finished blade, thumb hole for easy one-handed deployment, and a frame lock. Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Steel Roughly a 3-inch blade length: ... Sculimbrene names the Drifter the “Best Budget Folder” and writes, “This is my favorite CRKT and one of the best knives out there under $30.

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