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service load combinations for foundation design

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... field testing, and the laboratory testing are to be used separately or in combination to establish properties for design. Hi. • … In Load Combination 8 (IBC load combination 16-16), the dead load factor may be increased to 0.9 for special reinforced masonry shear walls. When allowable stress design (working stress design) is used, the following are the load combination to consider. provides two sets of load combinations for allowable stress design. Loads and Load Combinations Factor Loads for Each Combination. Footing Size. Selecting this load combination will automatically create 3 load combination equations due to the use of “or” in the combination. Chapter 8 Foundation Design 8.1 Overview This chapter covers the geotechnical design of bridge foundations, cut-and-cover ... • Anticipated foundation loads (including load factors and load groups used). Size the Footing at the Service Limit State Determine the Nominal Bearing & Sliding Resistance at the 3.5 Load Factors and Load Combinations. OPERATING 1.5 * (DL + LL + ELo) 1.5 * (DL + ELo ±WL) 1.2 * (DL + LL + ELo) ±0.6 * WL 0.9 * (DL + ELo) ±1.5 * WL 1.5 * (DL + ELo + SL) 1.2 * (DL + LL + ELo) ±0.6 * SL. D : (12-7) D + L + (Lr or S) : (12-8) These basic load combinations align closely with the load combinations found in ASCE 7. Determine Design Soil Properties & Resistance Factors Check Global Stability at the Service Limit State Determine the Nominal Geotechnical Bearing Resistance at the Service Limit State. Ian S. McFarlane, P.E., is a Senior Design Engineer at Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), a structural and civil engineering firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington. • ASCE Load Combinations . Select the load cases or combinations. Regardless of which load combinations are used to design for strength, where overall structure stability (such as stability against overturning, sliding, or buoyancy) is being verified, use of the load combinations specified in Section 1605.2 or 1605.3 shall be permitted. ASD Load Combinations . He is the firm’s in-house foundation design specialist, and has experience designing a number of building types including high-rise residential towers, healthcare, and §6.6 Serviceability limit state design (30) §6.7 Foundations on rock; additional design considerations (3) §6.8 Structural design of foundations (6) §6.9 Preparation of the subsoil (2) Section 6 of EN 1997-1 applies to pad, strip, and raft foundations and some provisions may be applied to deep foundations… Notional loads are required to be added to all load combinations. Appropriate load combinations have been selected from ASCE 7-93 for allowable stress design as follows: 1. The load combination used for The Foundation Design: Anchorage Ta- For combinations including lateral loads, the notional loads are added to the other lateral loads. Choose the appropriate radio button and press Batch Apply as shown in the next picture; The Load Case Type for all selected load cases ( or combinations ) … 1The load combinations and factors are intended to apply to nominal design loads defined as follows: D = estimated mean dead weight of the construction; H = design lateral pressure for soil condition/type; L = design floor live load; Lr = maximum roof live load anticipated • Have experience in design to Eurocode 2 requirements. You may use SHFT + mouse click or CTRL + mouse click to select the cases. For Structural Steel Design: Limit State Of Strength. The following assumptions for load combinations in foundation design have been adopted: In a single run of limit state verification, all effects of the same impact are multiplied by the same safety factor A soil load acts stabilizing on a foundation A dead load on the backfill acts stabilizing on a foundation. For service load combinations, the default starts with 101 and for ultimate load combinations, the default starts with 201. With multiple load cases ( or load combinations) selected, you will be given the option to set the Load Case Type ( or Load Combination type). Table 2.2 Summary of Load Combinations Using Strength Design or Load and Resistance Factor Design (IBC 1605.2) IBC Equation No. factored loads. For example, in designing a staircase, a dead load factor may be 1.2 times the weight of the structure, and a live load factor may be 1.6 times the maximum expected live load. Calculate loads from structure, surcharge, active & passive pressures, etc. After generating automatic code combinations as per LRFD, i can't find the seismic loads in any of the SLS combinations. The resulting combination of service loads, each multiplied by its respective load factor, is called a factored load. The load combination used for The Foundation Design Footing Tables (Appendix B, Part 1) is: DL (heavy) + LL (occupancy) + LL (attic) + SL (or min. However, when the ratio of second-order deflection to the first-order deflection (2/1) is less than 1.5, the notional loads only need to be added to gravity only combinations. The factor for dead load (1.0) is the same as the factor for live load (1.0), hence not accounting for the fact that the dead load is more predictable than the live load. 2. Type. Load Case I: U = 1.4D 757 kip Load Case II: U = 1.2D + 1.6L q = 6.7 ksf Load Case IV: U = 1.2D + E + L Load Case IV: U = 0.9D + E The load combinations includes the seismic uplift force. They can only be found in ULS combinations. Load Combination 16­1 1.4(D + F) 16­2 1.2(D + F) + 1.6(L + H) + 0.5(L r or S or R) 16­3 1.2(D + F) + 1.6(L r or S or R) + 1.6H + (ƒ 1 L or 0.5W) 16­4 1.2(D + F) + 1.0W + ƒ 1 L + 1.6H + 0.5(L r or S or R) 16­5 1.2(D + F) + 1.0E + ƒ 1 L + 1.6H + ƒ 2 S The service load combination for consideration of settlement is D+ L. Considering the load combinations for strength design defined in Section 2.3.2 of the Standard, the controlling gravity load combination is 1.2D+ 1.6L. LOAD CONDITION LOAD COMBINATION.

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