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meant in a sentence

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She was too wise not to understand what you meant. She’s meant to practice the piano for two hours. Katie hesitated then continued onto the path Gabriel had told her to follow. jakov 1 2715928 I mean it. Columbia University Press states: “In English, stress, pausing, and tonal changes interlock in a set of patterns often called intonations. The name was unfamiliar, which meant he was not well connected and not among the families of his advisors. Here are examples: She is … The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. CK 1 1897768 … She didn't deserve death at all. The carving is done in teak wood when it is meant for fixtures, but teak has a coarse grain, and otherwise yamane dogwood, said to be a species of gmelina, is preferred. An example of meant is someone having waved hello. Here are some examples. 0. The news mean Examples of no mean feat in a sentence, how to use it. She lay limp in his arms, startled and afraid to respond - afraid the kiss meant nothing to him. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. You have two independent clauses connected by (I am not even sure what to call this word used by itself) To simplify, I would write it as follows: This process is circuitous. Among Walton's works must also be mentioned an Introductio ad lectionem linguarum orientalium (1654; 2nd ed., 1655), meant to prepare the way for the Polyglot. For the soul, by its nature as a single monad indestructible and, therefore, immortal, death meant only the loss of the monads constituting the body and its return to the pre-existent state. The money and the farm meant nothing to Carmen. Victor Emmanuel regretfully signed the peace preliminaries, adding, however, pour ce qui me concerne (which meant that he made no undertaking with regard to central Italy), and Cavour resigned office. For Frederick William the position of leader of Germany now meant the employment of the military force of Prussia to crush the scattered elements of revolution that survived the collapse of the national movement. Natasha kept turning to Helene and to her father, as if asking what it all meant, but Helene was engaged in conversation with a general and did not answer her look, and her father's eyes said nothing but what they always said: Having a good time? She meant what she'd said: she did trust him. 3. Do you mean that for me? What could she have meant by that? Being alone meant she started thinking again, something she didn't want to do. Sentence Examples. Definition of 'meant'. 3. The first article is unquestionably meant for the jurist. For Nureddin the fight meant the acquisition of an heretical country for the true faith of the Sunnite, and the final enveloping of the Latin kingdom:' for Amalric it meant the escape from Nureddin's net, and a more direct and lucrative contact with Eastern trade. I meant... do I have time to fix you a hot lunch? meant the sole of the foot, also a sandal. I was told you are a man with a heart meant to lead his people away from their pain. 4. It was impossible that he meant to help the Guardians, yet she'd believed for a moment that's what he implied. Wherein definition is - in what : in what particular or respect. Wellesley meant to turn the defile of Torres Vedras by Mafra at once if possible; but on this night Sir Harry Burrard, his senior, arrived off Vimiera, and though he did not land, gave instructions to wait for Sir John Moore. It was meant to be the final act of their friendship. They made their way to a small group at one side of the bar and squeezed their way into a booth meant for four and already holding four. Alcatel did not elaborate as to what it meant by this. 5. 6. She didn't want to stay even a few days, not if it meant she was viewed as nothing more than a short-and-fat foreigner! If Frederick had only come in person, a single month of his presence might have meant everything: if Pelagius had only listened to King John, the sultan was ready to concede practically everything which was at issue. Zerubbabel is certainly meant here, and, if the received text names Joshua instead of him (vi. The car would be replaced by the insurance that was meant to replace her parents' car. She really didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms, but remaining meant giving up something she wasn't willing to do. It was close to seven on a Sunday morning, which meant they were probably still asleep. CK 1 3330159 I mean that. Petya was not at home, he had gone to visit a friend with whom he meant to obtain a transfer from the militia to the active army. A comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence or separates items in a list. Let me clarify what I meant by putting it another way. Is this movie meant to be a comedy? --for I continued to plant when others had begun to hoe--the ministerial husbandman had not suspected it. Rhagae) in 643 meant the entire subjugation of Persia and crowned the conquests of Omar's caliphate. When the movie was released, it was called a debacle by the critics. She'd never thought he meant she'd literally help revive the planet. She was too wise not to understand what you meant. Right now, they tell me the woman I love is in danger, and you were meant to distract me so someone else could finish her off. There is one apparent exception to this – the imperative. What's about to come after the colon is meant to further illustrate whatever was mentioned before the colon. Even if that meant sacrificing what you want or that he ended up with me instead of you. She meant what she said; she had no friends, but a long time ago, she'd had one whose family had a summer cottage near the coast. A shake of the head meant "No" and a nod, "Yes," a pull meant "Come" and a push, "Go." I only meant it would be good to get out of the house, no matter what we went to see. Was this what Death meant about doing evil for the greater good? A sentence forms the final explicit act of a judge-ruled process as well as the symbolic principal act connected to their function.The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine, and/or punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime. I meant to say, you probably know a lot more than I do because I've been with one woman only, he said when he'd swallowed. 4. 0. It meant Alex would go back to work and she would be at home alone. 5. And, if he found out she was meant to be his mate, he'd pursue her with the same wild determination he pursued Others. 1. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day! "The supremacy of the army without a guiding hand meant anarchy, that of the Presbyterians the outbreak of another civil war. I didn't know what those things meant, neither did Dick -मैं उनका मायने नहीं जनता था, ना दिक जनता था 2. "No, Lacy, what I meant is that whatever is wrong—" "So you're a basket case. It was the only open and cultivated field for a great distance on either side of the road, so they made the most of it; and sometimes the man in the field heard more of travellers' gossip and comment than was meant for his ear: "Beans so late! The two were tense enough to worry her that they meant to fight. (9) I knew she meant business. She took in this information, horrified of what it meant to have the gem nestled between her breasts. Soc. Show 8. But in 304, Fabius Rullianus limited them to the four city tribes, and from that time the term meant a man degraded from a higher (country) to a lower (city) tribe, but not deprived of the right of voting or of serving in the army. Hail meant turbulence, and turbulence meant there could be a tornado close. Whatever the case, they were either honest or meant to give her joy. I was meant to be at your side, not some stupid human! I refuse to believe this is the way things were meant to be. In English there are five different kinds of phrases, one for each of the main parts of speech.In a phrase, the main word, or the word that is what the phrase is about, is called the head. Descartes occasionally had not scrupled to interpret the Scriptures according to his own tenets, while still maintaining, when their letter contradicted him, that the Bible was not meant to teach the sciences. While Jefferson's "all men are created equal" statement was not meant by him to include slaves, we have broadened the application of the principle and should continue to do so. It meant everything, but it didn't erase the ugly feeling. sentence examples. Examples of Debacle in a sentence. And, if first impressions meant anything, as Dean believed they did, this woman was sincerely distraught over her husband's disappearance. Iberians thus meant sometimes the population of the peninsula in general and sometimes, it would appear, the peoples of some definite race (yEvos) which formed one element in that population. Maybe he meant he was sick of all the bickering with his family. If someone were to ask you, "What is the subject of a sentence," you can reply that it's the noun that is doing or being something. I do not mean that at all. They do not represent the opinions of "So you feel we were meant to be," she clarified. The building was a superb example of craftsmanship from an era when quality was meant to survive those skilled men who proudly worked it. She held her breath, wondering if he meant to respond or not. If the renegade clique of that country were in power , it would have, 18. Angels were placed with human mothers so they could understand the creatures they were meant to take care of. He gave her the look, the one she knew was meant to remind her of his rules, before he dumped the bottle into the sink. Again, in the scheme of mechanism, everything is determined by everything else - in 5 Aristotle and the schoolmen meant by a proof a priori reasoning from cause to effect. That she was a weak Oracle unable to access her magic meant nothing to him at the time. Top searched words What is meant by 'batch processing'? You… you're meant to maintain a vital balance in this world. Graham's case was presented to the United States Supreme Court, with the question of whether juveniles should receive life without the possibility of parole in non-homicide cases. replied Davout, but what this "yes" meant, Pierre did not know. Count Rostopchin was mentally preparing the angry and stinging reproaches he meant to address to Kutuzov for his deception. "I was meant to be …" Deidre cleared her throat. Damian was meant to be kidnapped, not killed. He didn't know what that meant or even if it was a possibility that she would one day trust him enough to tell him what was burdening her. She turned away, and then, as if fearing he might take her words as meant to move him to pity, looked at him with an apprehensive glance of inquiry. In1597-1598a terrible visitation of plague attacked the town, in which, according to an old inscription on the church, 2260 persons perished in Penrith, by which perhaps is meant the rural deanery. Lana stepped out of the doorway as he approached, assuming he meant to ignore her and head to the bedroom to rest. September 20, 2018 In opposition to this Nominalistic view, which implied the reversal of his whole position, William may have meant to say that, instead of the universal being multiplied, it is rather the individuals which are reduced to unity in the universal. In this instance, think of colons as saying, "Here's what I mean." If it is meant to be, you'll find her again. The person has to meet certain conditions, for example: having to stay away from a certain place or person But the Mets'stance may be meant to force Alfonzo to lower his demands. I knew he was meant for greatness, but I expected him to serve me when I'd rid the kingdom of my father. Coconut soap also forms a principal ingredient in compound soaps meant to imitate curd and yellow soaps. He expected these days to be his last, but he'd give the order to decimate the entire state if it meant humanity as a whole survived. 4. In 1875 Bismarck was suspected of a design of again attacking France, and Gorchakov gave him to understand, in a way which was not meant to be offensive, but which roused the German chancellor's indignation, that Russia would oppose any such scheme. It is, however, highly probable that he meant to strike at London if naval affairs went well, but that he was glad to have at hand an alternative which would shroud a maritime failure under military laurels.

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