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how would you improve facebook birthdays

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Facebook can integrate whatsapp to improve these types of interactions. Create an account or log into Facebook. If we can come with features that, a) expand celebrations to include other anniversaries/achievements, b) highlight friends you actually interact with on facebook/whatsapp/instagaram (same company), c) make wishing more interactive, engaging and personal. C: Okay. Structure: Instead of having the idea from the begining and solving for that idea, try to list what the pain points are and come up with the idea as a solution to your pain point. I think of all of these, it makes most sense to think about the birthday boy/girl themselves. Easy to post to multiple walls at once, but this would again reduce the value for each happy birthday post because users receiving the wishes will know it’s been automated to some extent. Add Tags. There's a limit to how many times you can change your birthday. How to wish friends in a way that stands out? If we can get them to engage, it will create a network effect for their circle of friends. Consider different granularity of friends (close friends, acquaintances, etc) - if doesn't exist yet. 2 – Tap Events. 1. This could be derived from previous conversations between 2 users or could be from a big list of more personalized birthday messages based on context about the users.Pros: a more personalized message has a higher likelihood of having the user engage and wish the other users on their birthdays.Cons: might come across as creepy. Rather than mindlessly posting a few words to a friend’s timeline, take a moment to reflect on that person, and think of what you appreciate about them. c.1 Pre-fill the congratulotary message with an intro sentence based on mutual interests. On the top left of your Facebook News Feed page, click your name/profile picture. This can be measured by comments, likes, or gifts sent around an individual's birthday. Clarifying question: Ask clarifying questions to narrow down the scope of the questions and to make sure you are understanding the problem. Tags: See More, See Less 8. We build new... – More. To comment on this, Sign In or Sign Up. In your case, the paint points could be 1) there is no innovative way to wish happy birthday other than writing on the wall 2) If the user lives far away, it is hard to send physical gifts... etc. Because of this, you can only change your birthday a limited number of times. 7. You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience. While you did a great job of prioritizing based on value and cost, you never explicitly mentioned your original success metric, and explain how each of the features would lead to an increase in the % of users that post on at least one friend's wall each day. Thank you for helping me to find this way to do so. 3. For assumption#2 Wishing birthdays on social medial channels are inherently impersonal. 9) DesignStart by designing a solution for top 2 as it fits in your budget.1) Schedule greeting message for a future date: 2 man months, 2 months implementation, 5% improvement2) VIRTUAL flowers, cakes, etc: 6 man months, 3 months implementation, 10% improvement expected. Go to your account settings and change your birth date to the date for next Tuesday. What is currently not working as intended? Click "Events" on the left side of your homepage. Keep up the great work. If you recently changed your birthday, you may have to wait a few days before you can change it again, even if you haven’t reached the maximum number of birthday changes yet. I do not like it, but many will. The second is how a user can see their friends birthdays and interact with them by writing on their wall or sending them a message on their special day. I think showing other faces is easier to process for the user and similar in cost to implement as the other data points. d. solutions c.1 and c.2 should address this same pain. UG1.1 - Friends who are remember though Facebook Birthday, UG1.1.1 - Write message in the Facebook Wall, UG1.1.2 - Send message via Whatsapp/Instagram, UG1.1.3 - Post pictures in Instagram Stories, UG1.1.4 - Send message via other social media, They are afraid friends won't see in the Facebook Walls, They think text is not enough to express their praise, They would like to hear the voice of their friend/see the friend, Add a fast button to call in the Facebook Birthday page, Allow them to send a meme with the message in the Facebook Birthday page. Prioritize pain points based on importance to the user. You highlighted the first group but not the second group, Pain points: After listing the pain points, I suggest you evaluate them based on some criteria that you find relevant (e.g. It's this: "As a user, after logging in to Facebook and landing on the homepage (Feed), I can see the profiles of my friends who have birthdays today. Here goes my hypothesis: We believe users don't care about using the birthday feature because they don't think it matters to wish birthday to acquaintances as often. There are 2 audience selectors next to your birthday: one for the day and month and one for the year. FB can collate all these photos in a place and empowers users to easily create collages from the same and share with their Friends on FB/Instagram on D-day. Some common pain points for acquaintances include:a) having too many users to wish happy birthday tob) not remembering who the users arec) not knowing what to say to usersd) not wanting to come across as weirde) not caring enough to wish happy birthdayf) not seeing any value from wishing the user happy birthday. Interviewer: Sounds good, you can proceed. They are certainly better, more personal ways to wish your loved ones and that is what most users would prefer. The feature fits neatly with Facebook’s mission statement and since birthdays happen each year, for every user, I imagine Facebook originally launched this feature to grow engagement. (e.g. For example, the solution #3 might be a bit tricky to implement when you think through the details since the notification is on Facebook and you then have to go to another product (Instagram) to share the photos. I think the feature today already does a decent job of making users aware of users birthdays with notifications etc. How to plan for friends' birthdays/organise events? Grow your employer brand. They have to individually go and write messages for all the folks that have birthdays on that day, and this takes time.5) Reluctance to write on friends’ walls – these friends prefer sending private messages on Messenger as opposed to writing on their friends’ walls. Facebook birthdays is a feature where users are notified about friend's birthday. My understanding of Facebook Birthdays is that it is a capability to remind users of their friends’ birthdays, and give them a way to wish them. Stop getting Facebook birthday notifications. a. The profile name is emboldened, and clickable. This is about as straight forward as your birthday next year. Why do we want to improve this feature? I’d like to evaluate these solutions in terms of impact to cost ratio and pick the ones that will help us achieve our objective to increase engagement. Prioritize each of them based on impact and cost. Also I like how you started with how you are going to structure your answer. Networking online means connecting with people and not selling – what better way to ‘talk to someone’ than to send them a birthday wish. We can measure the improvements using signals such as: In conclusion, I pick feature 2, and feature 3 for implementation. Then metrics on user adoption, engagement will improve substantially. People . Define success metrics (in this case engagement), Decompose the success metric into a flow (i.e. The more users it can get to come back onto the platform, the more opportunity it has to drive advertising revenue maximizing Facebook’s value as an advertising platform. Those are basically the same users in different stages of a user journey, so I'll just list the journey: b. Yep. If this were to be true, it poses a high risk to feature success. c.3 Allow option to "mute BD notifications for this person". They are more looking for new fresh posts for happy birthday wishes instead of old posts. This will also create a sweet spot for FB too among both of the friends. This may be a friend or acquaintance.

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