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catching live bait port phillip bay

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Gippsland hurt by fires but still going strong. The right gear: These fish are holding is some very tough terrain and can bust your off in seconds. Once you have found your spot and anchored up, it pays to get the berley going. FishReveal is a feature unique to Lowrance and helps you identify predatory fish amongst bait, snags and other debris. In the last two summers, for the first time in a few years, there have been huge numbers of garfish and slimy mackerel in the Bay. Often the kings, and big salmon for that matter, will smash the popper or swirl below it before smashing one of the other lures. Jan 09 2020. Many people don’t believe these bay kingfish exist, or that they are only a rare occurrence. Trolling is an effective way to catch kingfish, as well as a great way to find potential locations while getting a handle on the type of bottom in the area, and any potential patches of reef for anchoring on later. For this we generally use a pellet berley soaked in tuna oil, in a pot mixed with crushed pilchards. The northern end of the bay has also been showing quality squid from the piers and inshore reef. It’s not a monster but this Port Phillip kingfish nailed a live slimy mackerel and provided a great fight. These provide hours of entertainment for holidaymakers and serious anglers alike. Normally you find Squid around Broken Ground and weed Beds using Navionics and your Eye’s to look into the water is the best way to find some good squids grounds. Both are set up with a small torpedo float and a 40lb leader on snooded suicide hooks. The kings in the 'RIP' are now an annual affair. Reedy’s Rigs Tinganoster whiting bait has been tested in the Western Port and Port Phillip for its effectiveness at luring in King George Whiting for the catch. Once you do have the fish in sight, hold position and send down the baits, the bite will be fast and furious so make sure you’re at the ready. Ron Gysberts couldn’t get enough of catching rat kingfish in the bay! While the removal of the traps has seen numbers increase, I believe other factors, such as improved water quality, have also helped increase the baitfish that form the kings’ primary food source. Squid Fishing Port Phillip bay is Fantastic fun and is easy to do. To turn these lookers into eaters, we have had great success pinning a fresh dead gar through its head with a single hook, casting it out, and skipping it back along the surface. Whitebait, pilchards, garfish, barracouta, mackerel and yakkas, all rate very highly on the kingfish menu. However, you can always get better success catching squids using a live squid for bait. On this page, I will give some Tips & a Video on Catching a Squid. East Gippsland has been ravaged badly from recent fire activity in the region and still under some threat, but well worth a trip back to to region once it recovers. Freshwater fishers are counting down the days until the opening of the recreational fishing season for Murray cod on 1 December. What’s more, garfish are one of Even if they won’t eat, there is nothing better than a whole bunch of gars swimming around the boat to act as a live berley trail. All these hold plenty of food and allow while kings to patrol the deeper edges out of sight. Catching Bait: When fishing for kingfish, dead baits can be used but don’t often see a lot of fish. Interestingly though we haven’t ever had a king actually try and eat the skipped gar. When the tide runs, the water has to run through this area either into Bass Strait or the bay depending on the tide. If you have found an area that you think should hold fish, don’t just pass it once, work it thoroughly with several passes in different directions. The Jig Needs to near the bottom. The Comeback King: Catching kingfish in Port Phillip Bay, Outriggers have a ‘stable’ relationship with Canoes, Break out the sea gars: catching garfish for food and bait, A Beginner’s Guide to Northern Moreton Bay Pelagics. Port Phillip Bay is a superb fishing destination, offering a great variety of fish species. These can be caught nearby on the shallows surrounding Portsea or Queenscliff. The live bait is then bridle rigged through the nose which is an effective way to maximise its life in the water. While many of the beaches in Port Phillip Bay will find a decent cast rest in around 1m of water, you have to look at locations where deeper water exists. Snapper Fishing In Port Phillip Bay Gps Marks Tips Snapper Fishing In port Phillip bay , there is nothing worse then going out to catch a snapper in port phillip and coming back empty-handed . On that day it took about five minutes get the kings to show up at the boat, but another 15 before we could tempt one to eat a bait. For some reason, this time of the tide has really switched them on and they have been willing to take most live baits. Land-based whiting are also a highly targeted species in Port Phillip Bay, but rarely targeted from the land. Thankfully that was stopped just in time, and now anglers are starting to see not only some big kings, but also big numbers of ‘rat’ kings returning to our southern waters. Anglers can then use sabiki rigs or bait jigs and cast into the trail. We also have success with a Slug-Go rigged unweighted with a worm hook, and retrieved with an erratic twitchy retrieve. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9323040735217768", Feature Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Central / Port Phillip Bay North / Break out the sea gars: catching garfish for food and bait Lee Rayner | First Published: November 2008. Our number one plastic is the 145mm Squidgy flickbait in evil minnow or slick green colour, rigged on a light jighead. Dec 12 2019. Fishing here is no easy task and requires a skilful skipper and switched on anglers. Other top lures include trolled soft plastics such as Squidgy flickbaits, Slug-Gos and 100mm Squidgy Fish. Fishing the RIP: The most effective bite time for the kings this season has been the last two hours of the run out tide. My fishing mates and I have found most success in water that many would think is too shallow: anything from 4-8m seems to be good. While the fish are about now, with the stable weather during autumn, pack the gear and get out there to experience brutal battles at their finest. What could be better than spending a few hours fishing for a species that is abundant, relatively easy to catch and offers some of the best bait and food going around? The Gps Mark has information for each individual GPS mark on the clickable Map .including Recommend, Time to fish / Bait to fish / Tide to fish / Rig to fish. It rarely goes unnoticed and often turns a fairly tame kingfish into an angry monster. This season we have a few new ideas we are keen to try, so hopefully I can let you know about these at a later date. - by using up to 2 bait traps - by using up to 2 hoop nets (Note: The closed season for hoop nets is from 15 September to 15 November every year. Welcome to the Port Phillip Bay Fishing Guide. Use a size’s Between 2.5 – 3.5 Depending on the Flow of the Current. If starting your search for a Bay king, good areas to try are the coastline between Mornington and Frankston, along with the reefs from Mordialloc to Brighton and down towards St Kilda. The reels drag should be set accordingly for when a bite is felt. Without any real tide or current flow in the Bay, the fish tend to move around a lot. During this time, hoops nets can only be used in Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay, the Gippsland Lakes and any other inlet) The number, size and shape of the equipment used is important. If you wish to use or buy a photograph contact the photographer directly. Bill Classon demonstrates a feature unique to Lowrance. Countdown is on for Murray Cod season opening, Freshwater fishers are counting down the days. Once the sinker touches the bottom, wind it up five meters and hold on. While there were gars in the shallow water, they weren’t keen to eat with kings hot on their heels. When the yakka’s show up they will quickly devour the artificial baits on the jigs. Where to find them: The RIP, located between Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean is some of the most dangerous water found in Victoria. From mid August until late May Salmon can be found almost everyday on our regular hunts by trolling, and during the winter months bait fishing close to the surf can produce results with the best baits being pilchard or white bait and the use of a burley trail. Firstly you can keep an eye on the bait to make sure they are still healthy without having to wind in the fragile baits to check them. Port Phillip Bay is a world-class fishing location famous for its annual snapper run between October and March. When working an area, you firstly need to find them on the sounder. In late November, Bayliss Boatworks delivered its most recent build to its owners, the 62-foot Seven; the first owners to enjoy two BBW christenings. One of the more effective soft plastics for Ryan at the moment has been the Damiki Ripper, a 4'' worm style plastic. Once the rig is set, it can be sent to the bottom. Flathead would be by far the most common catch from Port Phillip Bay and during the summer months countless thousands of ‘lizards’ fall to some pretty unsophisticated baits and rigs. It provides excellent land-based fishing of Port Phillip Bay. Many anglers feel that snapper fishing is 'off the table' in Port Phillip, the truth is there are some quality fish still in the bay and they are there to be caught. If you want to link to this article then please use this URL: After chasing the skipping gar to the boat, the king will then head straight for one of the livebaits, or a plastic, and scoff it as though it has never seen it. Connected to Bass Straight and the associated Southern Ocean. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ Seven is geared to fish efficiently as possible. "Overall, a better and more comfortable ride." Join Lowrance pro, Steve Galvin, as he explains the process step-by-step to set-up your Lowrance sounder to watch sports. Thanks for viewing our GPS coordinates fishing marks for Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. View all Reports View all Saltwater Reports View all Freshwater Reports. These are deadly and some days catch fish when the livebaits don’t. Kingfish can be caught in the bay between January and April. Another option that is highly successful is to slow troll bridle rigged garfish or squid slowly behind the boat. Diagram of a ledger is Below. The following is a guide on how to set-up, find and finally catch squid. It’s hard to beat live squid for kingfish bait, either slow trolled or suspended under a float. Port Phillip has been quiet in terms of report this past week, but there has still been things happening. A tank of live garfish is a good start on the path to battle with a Port Phillip kingfish. During these months, by far the best time of day to target them is dawn and dusk. Often the kingfish quickly fire up and clobber the plastic. To do this, anglers must keep a close eye on their depth sounder watching for any etchings that may resemble fish. Techniques used: Live baiting is without doubt the most effective technique. Further up Port Phillip Bay around Williamstown, customer Ryan has been out in his kayak throwing small soft plastics and sinking lures around. That's what Bob Konz, captain of the 71-ft. Jim Smith custom sportfishing yacht Fantasia, had to say after the installation of a Humphree stabilization system. Squid Can Be Found in port Phillip bay though out winter. In the right conditions, the fishing has been good if not excellent at times. We have had our most consistent success when anchored, due to several factors. Lowrance ultimate saltwater fishing system, Gain ultimate control, offering a superior fishing and boating experience. The tide can tear though at up to 12 knots requiring you to keep the boat faced into the current while trying to hold on the spot. Dean Silvester shares some tips and tricks. Setting up your sounder to watch the football, Lowrance pro Steve Galvin explains the process. }); I can clearly remember flicking through fishing magazines as a young tacker, looking at pictures of blokes like Marc Rushton and Andrew Rothic holding massive kingfish taken from The Rip and the surrounding waters close to the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. View all Reports View all Saltwater Reports View all Freshwater Reports. Squid Fishing is Pretty Simple Tie on a Squid Jig. This is a very challenging task when multiple boats are trying to do the same thing. While waiting we have two baits out suspended under torpedo floats, both of which are positioned so we can just see the actual baits in the water on the edge of our vision. Jim Smith sportfishing yacht enjoys smoother ride, After the installation of a Humphree stabilization system. Reels are Calcutta 400’s, loaded with 6-8kg monofilament. Catching snapper in Port Phillip Bay Every survey of angling preferences undertaken in Victoria comes up with a single common denominator in saltwater. Steep underwater cliff faces, turbulent water, ocean swells and boat traffic are just some of the obstacles faced when fishing here. In an ideal world, combining one outfit to cover all bases is not that simple but then again it can be. If there is anything that will put a stop to these fish, this is the outfit to do it with. The state of the tide doesn’t seem to have too much effect. Try using baitfish style colours such as blue and silver, or green and silver. The bulk of the 330,000 anglers who fish Port Phillip Bay want to catch … A known rock feature 'corsair rock' is a usual haunt in which they can be found at its base. Hot on their tails have been the kingfish, so much so that many whiting and garfish anglers report having their fish harassed by bunches of small kingfish everywhere from Mt Martha to St Kilda. Home of the Sandringham Yacht club. Yanmar Marine International is launching a new Vessel Control System delivering the advanced functionality, modern design, and easy installation suited to evolve alongside its latest electronically controlled engines in the years ahead. The majority of kingfish talk around the bay usually centres on the often rough (and sometimes downright dangerous) waters of The Rip. Now, the brand has introduced a bold new definition of "dauntless" with the debut of two exciting new models. Our first successful morning saw us put four kingfish in the boat, ranging from 2-4kg with one fish of 4.6kg taking the biggest bait of the morning (a slimy mackerel). It sports several maintained toilet blocks (tending to be messy in the summer season due to high usage.) enable_page_level_ads: true For a Basic video on how to catch Squid Click Here Hook size depends on the bait being used. Port Phillip Bay Snapper Melbourne Early Season Snapper 2018 Bait Fishing Reedy's Ultra Rigz On the ultra-rig it Use new fibre that reflex’s light the same way a uv Squid jig works. Please feel free to provide us with GPS marks to add to this page by emailing us at This site and its contents are Copyright © 2020 Sail-World FishingBoating-World and/or the original author, photographer etc. Sandringham is a bayside suburb located on Melbourne’s beautiful Port Phillip Bay. A tank of live garfish is a good start on the path to battle with a Port Phillip kingfish. Constantly watching the sounder, when the cliff face begins to appear, wind up the bait to check it and motor back to the site of the fish and repeat the process. We use 4-6kg outfits for the live baits. ... is based around a paternoster or dropper rig and the lures are built into the hooks which give you a double chance of catching fish because you bait the rig as well (and it acts like a fly lure in this case a “Live Prawn” or “Live Shrimp”). The only down side to this is that you don’t cover a lot of ground so we tend to do it in targeted areas such as around the reef systems mentioned earlier. This has a crimped loop at either end with a snap swivel. All Rights Reserved. Save as .PDF. With advanced technology from Lowrance, you'll gain ultimate control offering a superior fishing and boating experience. Finding reliable grounds can be difficult but not impossible. Port Phillip Bay is one of the largest inland seas in the Southern Hemisphere. Find out where the snapper, gummy shark, tuna, squid, whiting, mako sharks, cuttlefish, swordfish and … Kingfish often bite well during warm stormy weather. The entrance of Port Phillip Bay leads out into the bass straight. We also have a 10kg outfit in the boat just in case a big fish turns up, as well as spin sticks rigged with soft plastics. While the kings we have caught in the bay aren’t big by any standards, they are still full of fight like all kingfish. Watch this comprehensive video as Dean Silvester goes in depth, explaining how he uses sonar technology to have more successful fishing experiences. Fishing Reports for Victoria, Westernport and Port Phillip Bay. As one king is almost landed, Ron Gysberts is distracted by its mates smashing up garfish next to the boat Kingfish often bite well during warm stormy weather. The major problem is that there is so much potential kingy ground in the Bay that finding their whereabouts on the particular day you are fishing can take time. When fishing this area, one person must be driving the boat the entire time. Hooked up to a livebait eating kingfish in Beaumaris Bay – great sport on the right gear. Unlike a prawn bait, a live squid bait needs to be affixed to a hook but to a fan of straight barbs. Located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Mordialloc. Swing the odds of finding them in your favour by searching areas of reef that hold good populations of bait, especially if they also have deeper water close by. This offers two advantages. Boston Whaler launches 220 and 250 Dauntless, Striking features include graceful sheer line and 18-degree deadrise. Though some anglers do get blown away by their fighting ability, it is great fun to experience such quality fishing in Victoria. It’s the largest bay in the state of Victoria spanning 2,000 square kilometres. These techniques have proven extremely successful for me over the past twelve years. When catching bait, especially yakka’s a berley trail will need to be established. This beautiful bay operates, as far as fish species are concerned, like a giant estuary.That means the fish we like to catch, such as snapper and whiting, migrate into the bay for breeding during the summer months. The easiest and most useful outfit is a good quality spin reel loaded with 50 or 80lb braid. Whiting Rig up for Great whiting fishing in port Phillip Bay western port Bait Rigs. In Port Phillip Bay, most of the common whiting ground is only 2-5m deep and the strength of the tide is like that of fishing around Western Port's shallow mud flats so you can get away with the one outfit. Kings love fast water and when they school up, they can be found at the bottom of these cliffs awaiting food to rush past them. It’s hard to beat live squid for kingfish bait, either slow trolled or suspended under a float. One interesting thing to note about this bait is that it comes in a wide range of different colour combinations in addition to providing up to 10 times more luminous than other bait options. There is, however, another option for anglers who prefer calmer waters – and that is to chase the good numbers of kingfish move up into northeast Port Phillip Bay. Tackle from hand lines through to bait casters is employed, all in the aim of securing a brace. Escaped salmon, rock lobster and scallops, Fishers excitedly chasing large Atlantic salmon in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel area. Developed for single, twin, and triple engine installations. A one meter length of 80lb leader is attached to the snap swivel and has a live bait hook attached to the other end. Beaches such as Ventnor, Cowes, Cat Bay, Balnarring and Flinders are the most popular in Western Port while in Port Phillip Bay, Mornington, Mt Martha, Rye and Sorrento are also popular land based locations. This kingfish was all over the 145mm Squidgy flickbait. We like to troll a Halco Rooster popper or Cotton Cordell Pencil popper on one rod, as well as running one or two diving minnows such as a Rapala Magnum CD11, Tilsan Barra or Laser Pro 120. For instance, I remember the first time my mate Mornae Muller and I got into the kings, we had to catch our gars and slimy mackerel out in 12m of water, then move back into 6m to fish. Asked what is their favourite fish, the majority of anglers who fish with bait say snapper. The setup consists of a kingfish sinker which is made up by using an 8oz barrel sinker with a length of 200lb leader threaded through it. At its deepest point, it is around 60 meters and comes up to 10 meters in the blink of an eye. My suggested outfit is a Shimano Stella 10,000 loaded with Black Magic 50lb Rainbow Braid and a 250g Wilson 'Venom' Jig Rod. Once located, the baits can be sent to the bottom where they are holding. They are a great guide for fishing and boating around Melbourne. By no means are the methods described here the only way to catch the kings, but they have worked well for us in Port Phillip Bay. Here a small boat with an electric motor can be an advantage, as it enables you to slowly pull the baits along. Anglers can then use sabiki rigs or bait jigs and cast into the trail. Western Port's other species. Fishing the southern end of the bay around the Mornington region is the best bet by far, with water depths of 19 - 20m a very good starting point. The squid fishing has been ok, with some of the southern piers about due to start firing. Many of the kingfish found in the bay tend to be smaller fish, so it pays to let some go so they can return as tackle wreckers in a few years. Ryan has been catching pinkies up to 1.5kg on these lures, along with some nice size bream. Photographs are copyright by law. The most effective technique today is live baiting with either calamari or yakka’s. Secondly kingfish are very inquisitive, so the idea of holding the baits close to the boat was that if any kings do come along to look at the baits, even if they don’t eat at least we know they are there. Southern recreational fishers are excitedly chasing large Atlantic salmon in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel area after 50,000 escaped from a damaged fish pen last Monday. This is because a squid can provide you with enough weight in itself to cast it out without any sinker, swivel or floats. " Weekly fishing report for Western Port, Port Phillip Bay and beyond for October 22nd 2020. In this Gps Guide of Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing .click and use the map to find Locations for GPS Data on each location or GPS sport. For decades, the Boston Whaler Dauntless series has led the industry in confident performance and multitasking capabilities. They will even head butt and beat them with their tails! It’s easy to overlook as it’s not visible from the road. At times these kingfish will eat like there is no tomorrow, but generally you will find they are far from dumb, often happy to swim around and terrorise the livebaits. Often we find it best to catch the live bait in other areas, because when the kings are around and hungry, there is a fair chance you will struggle to catch bait on the chosen fishing location. Australian Salmon are a prolific schooling fish in the southern parts of Port Phillip Bay and coastal areas of Bass Strait. All contents copyright © 2014 Fishing Monthly. If you take the time to actually fish for them, however, I think you may be pleasantly surprised at how many are around. This helps to attract garfish, squid and other bait to the area. As we saw with the closure of commercial fishing in Port Phillip Bay, not only did that close down commercial fishing but it also closed down the fishers who were catching bait fish. Whiting prefer smaller size baits including squid strips and pipi. The by catch while fishing for both whiting and snapper in the port is enough in itself to keep many anglers content, with some being better eating that the main target themselves! These can be caught nearby on the shallows surrounding Portsea or Queenscliff. When catching bait, especially yakka’s a berley trail will need to be established. GPS Map Port Phillip Bay Snapper fishing guide New Anglers . The most effective technique today is live baiting with either calamari or yakka’s. Mordialloc Pier is a beautiful long pier extending 174 metres (570.86 feet). We can then change baits and techniques to get them to eat. Finding them is actually quite simple. Unfortunately, several years back, the big kingfish population was severely depleted by the highly effective kingfish traps wiping out the fish stocks further up the coast in NSW. Firstly, when anchored we use live bait as part of the equation to bring the kings around. Fishing Reports for Victoria, Westernport and Port Phillip Bay. Prime areas to target (as with all kingfish) are around larger separate sections of reef, areas such as Wooleys Reef, Parkdale Pinnacles and Anonyma Shoal. If you’re not rigged up with the right gear, you’re bound to be destroyed. As one king is almost landed, Ron Gysberts is distracted by its mates smashing up garfish next to the boat. This should be mounted on a jig rid which will aid in putting the pressure on the fish to get him away from the rocky terrain. Due to Mordialloc Pier’s length, it offers a variety of fishing opportunities.

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